Friday, April 11, 2008


I guess it's about an hour later. I seriously nursed that drink. Doesn't matter. It was okay. I have a small buzz . . . at least, I think I do. I nursed it while I uncharacteristically perused my Facebook page. I really hate it, but recently my shut-in status has forced me to keep "in touch" digitally with various acquaintances.

Don't you find it weird that there's an ebb and flow to the status of your relationships with people. One minute you think you're friends and then the next you're barely even strangers. I'm not saying something bad goes down between you and them, but just that you can never keep them close. Maybe it's just me. Never good with any sort of relationship.

It's also weird how Green Apple flavored vodka makes you a tad insightful. Or it could be because I'm listening to Meg & Dia with a buzz. I used to be able to drink a bit before I became this introspective.

No Matter.

Maybe I really should have gone to that M & D concert. Well, it was an Angels & Airwaves concert with Meg & Dia as openers? Guests? I just didn't have anyone to go with. Next time. Next band, I will definitely go regardless of my companion situation.

I will still rock as hard in the crowd. Here's hoping that I follow through with this new decision.


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