Sunday, November 15, 2009

In Defence of Stargate Universe

I'm a first time Stargater so I can't really compare Stargate Universe to any of the other series, but I really do enjoy SGU. I can't understand where all the haterade, justified or not, is coming from.

First off, I like how SGU isn't too funny. People have said that Stargate series are known for their humor, and while I do find SGU funny at times, I don't think it's forced humore. Also, it's not necessary to be constantly light-hearted: these dudes are stuck in motherfucking space, I'm surprised that a character can even crack jokes at a time like that.

That' why I like Eli. Yes, he's the character who everyone, at least first-timers, are supposed to relate to, but that doesn't mean his schtick (?) doesn't work. His comic timing is not forced and it matches his character of being just a guy who wants to be liked by everyone. Some may say he's socially awkward, but I think it's just that everyone on Destiny are too busy being scared or horny to relate to him. SGU needs a character like him and I don't think having everyone else crack jokes would make the show better. Sure, it would be great if some of the characters one in a while made a joke. Like when Col. Young made a joke about how Eli and that other dude both smelled. It was funny and didn't seem out of place. It was a bonding moment for the people who are stuck on such a hard place.

Also, I hate characters like Topher on Dollhouse who are so mean-spirited and is constantly being sarcastic. Thank God that SGU doesn't have a Topher or else I'd never gotten in to any Stargate.

Who else do I like on SGU? Well I'm hoping that they develop Rush and Young more. I can appreciate Young's steel-like demeanor and can tell that there's something simmering beneath. I want to know more through flashbacks or interactions with everyone else. Rush seems to have his emotions out all the time (He's constantly angry and yelling) and I like how he's a morally gray/black character. It's probably blasphemous for me to compare him to Baltar on Battlestar Galactica (also a favorite of mine), but I'm going to do it anyway. I'm hoping to see Rush more vulnerable down the line, but he's definitely hiding some evil plan.

I agree with critics that Ming-Na is being underused, maybe there's a plan for her later on and not just being a cold-hearted lesbian bitch. But that's okay if they maker her that way. She seems to only want to advance in her career and saver her ass. Let's hope they utilize her more.

In general, the women of SGU are not being used well, but I wouldn't go so far as to say the show is sexist. Sex sells, and I understand why a certain big-breasted soldier has been portrayed prominently in the early episodes. She hasn't popped out recently, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I hope to see more of her (literally and whateverily). Does that make me sexist? No, because I do want to also have her relationship with that jackass (I forget the name of the guy in the closet with her) to develop too. Not into some corny love triangle, but I'd enjoy it if it became a love quadrangle (plus Eli!).

The senator's daughter hasn't been used well either. I hate the fact that she's with that jackass and messing with Eli at the same time. Maybe this is just going to be a soap opera thing between them, but I'd really love for Eli to realize she's not worth it if she can't see how cool he is.

Finally, I love the fact that they can't really control Destiny. The planet of the week thing seems cool just as long as it isn't literally a planet every week. Of course, I can't wait for the mysteries of Destiny to be revealed.

Oh yeah, I can't forget, I also like Sgt Greer. Hope they do a better job of developing all these characters.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heil Crazy

It's one thing to be against the proposed health care reform and have a sound defense against it, and it's another thing to be a mindless, ignorant, hate-filled racist like this woman who yells "Heil Hitler" to an Israeli immigrant. Seriously, lady, you are making your side of the health care argument look bad and I feel bad for sane conservatives and Americans in general. Sure, I understand you're scared that things are changing so fast in a nation that was once just completely composed of white folk-- no, wait, never in the history of the United States of America was it completely a homogeneous nation. We are a stronger people because we are not all the same. Don't be scared just because the people around you look different than yourself. We can't all be hateful bitches, but we'll try not get in your way too much.

Now let's get back to fixing health care.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


I just saw one of the hottest girls I've seen in a while on Wowowee today, which is saying alot since that show is full of gorgeous women (I miss the Philippines). Her name is Cheyscer. She was wearing a sash because she was a winner of some pageant or contest. She was so attractive that Willie allowed her to co-host the main segment, but she was more eye candy than a great interviewer. It made for a great bit though. Willie is hilarious and this is one of the few times I can say that I would also have flirted with her if I were in his position. Screw professionalism.

Super-hot. If she developed a personality then she could be a star in the Philippines. Well, you know what, many of the stars and starlets are very vapid so she could still have a shot. Man was she attractive. I even had a hard time googling her, so I had to google Wowowee since she's new.

I really hope to see more of her on TV and not in the lascivious sort of way. That can be later.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Choose Love.

At the end of last Sunday's mass, the monsignor at my church made a semi-veiled statement about President Obama's commencement speech at Notre Dame University. He did not mention Barack's name, but he did say something about how the Catholic priest who made the Notre Dame school song is probably rolling in his grave.

That's fine to me-- the Catholic church is allowed to protest this visit from a pro-choice politician, and I do not blame them. The University of Notre Dame (I still can't figure out if it's university of OR ND Univeristy) is a Catholic institution and is a private one at that. Both the views of this president and the church are at conflict in the case of unborn babies/women's rights.

But I will say how I don't like it when politics creeps into my weekly mass. Sure, I should have been not paying attention as usual, but the monsignor snuck his message at the end of mass so it was a change in the format. If he mentioned it in passing during his sermon, then I would not be blogging this right now.

Unborn babies/women's rights are a very, very delicate issue that cannot be easily explained, much less solved, by just a single person. But I genuinely agree with both Barack and my monsignor in this case. Long story short, my priest talked about how "God is love" and Obama talked about opening a dialogue. What needs to happen is that both sides need to talk about it but in a less impassioned way so as not to alienate the other side. I'm not saying that both sides should compromise, not immediately at least, but to at least listen.

Yes, I'm biased becasue I go to church on Sundays, but that's it. That's exactly all I do, I go to church once a week. It does not make me anything more or less than a person who goes to church once a week.

But I believe both sides are lacking in love, so I choose love.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top 3 Major Idol Dump

Been gone for a bit, but let's talk Idol.

The top three performed last night and I think the judges just plain suck at picking songs for the contestants (Apologize, or should I say, 'pologize? really?). Of course Randy picked OneRepublic's Apologize for Kris to sing. Why did he pick it? It's because Randy is constantly trying to prove to us that he's "hip" or "relevant" and is "down" with what's "in". Rather than pick a song that would make Kris sound awesome, Randy chose a song because it's a popular song that was popular two years ago and the whole season he's been saying how the contestants should do OneRepublic. Is that the only band that's current? Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the band. I think they're decent, but that song is so played-out. Proof that the song choice sucked is when Chris performed a single/album worthy rendition of that idiot megalomaniac/idiot Kanye West's song Heartless. I won't hate. That song by Kanye ain't bad, but Kris' performance was killer. It was very catchy and he displayed his vocals too at the same time. He did not flounder around like Randy forced him with 'pologize.

Sorry, Kris, if you're not through to the next round, let's hope it's not because Randy is a 13 year-old me-too wannabe.

Speaking of bad song choices. What the eff was Paula's choice? I never heard of "Dance Little Sister". I'm sure it's a decent song, but it seemed forced on Danny Gokey. And while there's plenty of evidence that Gokey was responsible for adding that scatting/improv-but-not-really part in the middle, I'm pretty sure Paula thought it would be a genious idea to have Gokey go all "skippity bopp bopp bee doo". Seriously, I don't know much about scatting, but it sounded like shite. No, it sounded like shit. I felt bad for the saxophonist who had to mimick the scats that Gokey was choking up (wait, you're seriously going to riff the same thing over and over again? I thought you're supposed to improvise and make it sound good). Maybe Gokey isn't used to the improvised part. Maybe there is a limit to his perceived smug, in-your-face-watch-me-sing style, and it's when he's battling another musical instrument.

But give it up to Danny, I really liked his "You are so beatiful" rendition. He toned it down and controlled his singing. And when it came down to belting it out, that's what he did. I don't know about how genuine the emotion was, but it was close to a sincere performance as I think we'll see from him. In the very least, his performance makes him a contender for the finals. Sans scatting, of course.

Adam Lambert. Let me just say, right out of the bat, while I may have some haterade in my genes, I just don't get Adam. It's not really his ability, because he can sing when he's not screaming like a motherfucking banshee. It's just that. Stop screaming all the damn time, Adam. Not every song requires you to stick your tongue out and blow air at a high pitch. Save it for the epileptic inducing funk performances where it really doesn't matter if you scream because the song and the lights and the whole goddam presentation are already assaulting everyone's senses and better judgement that adding yelling to it really makes not difference.

Yes, I really did enjoy the slow performances he's done, specifically the "Tracks of your tears". And I thought he'd learn to tone it back. But I guess that's part of his personality, and I won't knock him for being himself. He seems also to be very humble. But I wouldn't look forward to his album. I may enjoy a broadway musical with him in it though.

Actually, Simon picked a good song for Adam ("One" by U2), but of course Adam had to "make it his own" but singing the melody different and spackiling some screaming for added effect. Come on. This would have been a good chance for Adam to show the world (or me at least) that he can find a happy middleground between screaming in songs and doing slow ballads. U2's "One" is perfect for that. He could have sang it the way it was meant to be sung (sang?) by starting off soft with emotional and then end it loud with authority and meaning. Good pick, Simon, but Adam had to reaarange it.

That's the other thing. I hate Adam's arrangements of certain songs that do not need to be changed up, like that fuggin' "Ring of Fire" that became some weird middle-eastern gamish that made me feel slightly icky at the end of watching it. We get it, okay, you're musically inclined enough to make songs your own. Just don't start owning every song you sing because sometimes the original owner sang it just fine.

And one more thing. Adam's other slow performance would have been great except that Idol tried to play it off as an original rendition of "Mad World" by Tears for Fears. I've actually heard the slow version somewhere else, like in Donnie Darko. So Adam was not being a musical genious when he slowed down "Mad World". What pisses me off more is that everyone loved it so hard like he was the second coming.

Everyone sweats Adam Lambert. But let's see how good his music is when everyone has to readjust the volume of the tracks of his album on iTunes because he's screaming the whole damn mammajammin' time. Ugh, I hate that.

Other than that, Adam is okay. And to be extremely fair, I really did enjoy his own personal song choice and performance of Aerosmith's "Crying". That's an example of where screaming makes sense and sounds good.

I hope Kris gets in though, because, at least, when he tinkers with other peeps' music, it actually sounds better. He also sang "Falling Slowly". Enough said. But for the record, also because I won't get tinnitus from listening to his music.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Midseason TV

Where's the snap judgments for The Unsusuals? Seems like the most original of the mid-season shows that's not yet canceled. I'm going to stick with it until it gets canned just to see Goldberg and Perrineau play off of each other.

I have yet to see Southland (DVR'd), but I'm hoping it's less ER with cops and more The Shield but with not-so-crooked cops.

Parks & Recreation is crap. I like Poehler but she plays basically a female Michael Scott (I know, it's been said before) and The Office has not been funny recently, so why should we expect copycat mockumentary to be any funny? Stick to 30 Rock and Scrubs and enough of this staring into the camera business.

Who am I kidding? Kings gets all but canceled because of poor ratings (can network TV just give shows a shot). I understand the ratings were bad but what do you expect from sticking a high-concept drama on at Sundays? Okay, maybe that time slot wasn't so bad, but at least leave it on that day to let it catch some steam. I'm still reeling from NBC's cancellation of The Black Donnelly's.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let The Right One In, Part 2

I understand if you've read the novel Let The Right One In by John Lindqvist, who also penned the screenplay for the movie, but that's to be expected. I pretty much never enjoy movie adaptations of books I loved, so it's acceptable and understandable to hear negative reviews. However, I don't understand the critiques from people who just don't get it. There's no disputing taste.

What's great though is that Lindqvist did the screenplay too, so the vision of the movie still holds true, in some way, for the novelist. I don't plan on reading the novel because I already love the movie and want to keep the same interpretation that I had when I watched it.

I'm goint to say it again, best coming of age and love story. Made even more meaningful when you add the vampirism and somewhat pedophelia undertones. The fact that the reasons for the two characters being together is so open to interpretation, makes this movie so great. Definitely worth watching again. But to be honest, I only got the the pedo part after the fact (from reviews, it's apparantly a theme in the novel).

Let the Right One In

You need to see this movie.

I could Let the Right One In as a vampire movie, but that would not do the movie justice. It's a coming-of-age story and a love story with a spice of vampire mixed in. I have not seen Twilight and have no real desire to as it has been described as tween/teen porn, but I have a feeling if you want something deeper and meaningful, this movie will hit the spot so many times over.

There are no gimmicky or splashy special effects that make vampires look like cartoon characters that belong on a chocolate cereal. It's about a 12-year-old boy who just doesn't seem to make friends and is the subject of bullying at school; and he meets this vampire girl and they become friends. Of course there's action and suspense and blood. But this is not a Saw movie. I really can't describe this movie well enough. Again, I would not even call this a vampire movie, but a love story. It's a love story of the first love kind. What's even better is it's the kind of love that's innocent but true.

Think of when you were twelve, or think of your first love. It's ironic that it takes a vampire movie to make a great love story, and not the overly sappy and romanticized kind. But then again it's not a vampire movie.

Uber props goes to Lina Leandersson, who is the best vampire ever and the best love interest or friend in a movie. If vampires were real, Lina's Eli would be the mold. Of course, since love stories usually have two individuals, Kare Hedebrant gets props too. Definitely the best love/friendship couple I've seen in a while.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There's a Bomb

I'm late on this.

I'm trying to figure out when is it ever a good idea to yell "There's a bomb!"? I could also make a sexist remark, but there were some guys on the line too and I have much love for the "short" ladies, which in my case would mean ladies of my height or taller.

They do look like ants though. And once people saw that it was just a car that had overheated, why were they still running away? Mob mentality? The ANTM people are going to hold another batch of New York additions. So people should be on the look out for anything that might resemble a bomb and just get rid of it. Extra jail points goes to whoever drives their car and makes it break down in front of the lines again. Extra are-you-f@#$ing-kidding points if someone yells out "There's another bomb!".

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

iPod for the Blind

Meet the new iPod shuffle. Now with the new feature of: if you lose the earbuds, you have to buy the same pair from Apple since the shuffle can only be controlled with the earbuds. Yes, the iPod shuffle has no buttons at all (aside from the lock/shuffle/switch).

I guess this is still for those people who workout and need music but don't want to buy the iPod nano, which to me, is light enough and more full-featured than the shuffle.

Who will benefit from the new shuffle? People whose ears fit perfectly with the earbuds, who take good care of the shoddy earbuds so it won't break or get lost, and for blind people. There's a new feature where a robot tells you the name of the song and artist if you hold the special button on the earbuds long enough. Then if you hold it even longer it tells you your playlists. This makes me wonder why one doesn't get the nano instead. If you're literally blind, I understand then this feature, but it seems infinitely wiser if you can see with your eyes, to look at screen and choose your next song.

Still, Apple is apple. I'm always going to pine for a MacBook Pro. Sigh.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon will start hosting Late Night this Monday. I just checked out some of his more recent vlog posts on his site, and wow is he nervous. I feel bad for the guy, because I honestly don't know if Late Night will be good.

He seems to be skewing towards a younger demographic. They're trying to make it more accessible to the "internet generation", which, if you think about it, is stupid, because the people on the internet can find, do, and watch anything online. Why would they have to watch a late night talk show? Isn't Carson Daly suppose to be appealing to the younger crowd? Can't people just watch Attack of the Show instead of this show?

I don't want my talk show like this. I want good sketches and bits. I don't care what Joe-internet thinks about x and y. If I did, I'd just google it. If I'm going to watch prime time talk shows, I want something well written or organically funny, not the latest youtube video that someone tweeted to a host on television.

Just hearing Jimmy Fallon describe how he's still trying to figure out how his internet audience is going to participate live when the show tapes and isn't shown until 12:30 scares me. I hope he pulls it off and it's funny. I don't care about innovation. What's funny is funny. Good writing and improvisation. Yes, improv over innov. This is scary.

I guess all I can hope for is that Jimmy Fallon stays true to himself and he's just not trying to pander to the tech crowd because he thinks he might get points. Hopefully, he is doing this because that's who he is and he wants to make the show like this. Right now, it seems forced. Fallon always seems to want people to like him, like he's nervous, so I don't know how that will translate in the show.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Idol Season Sucks

American Idol

- For the first girl, singing Sara Bareilles: Bad performance. It's definitely a wrong song choice.

Matt Giraud - Coldplay, Viva La Vida? Are you serious? People need to stop trying to change up/ remix songs into their own style. This song sounds like shit in his bluesy voice. His dancing and herky jerky moves made it even worse. Doing all of this is the kiss of death, so people should stick to their strengths.

Jeanine Vailes - Singing This Love, which is my all-time favorite song to sing in Karaoke, but I don't know if I like it when a girl sings it. And now she's singing it. Not as bad as the first two, but nothing can ever be worse than that Viva La Vida travesty that happened before the commercial break. She has nice "runs" during the bridge part of the song so it sort of makes this song not worse than mediocre. It was an okay performance, not too bad, but still not good.

All these creepy leg comments make this show American Perv. Now they talk about her lips. GD this show is jumping the shark. I told you all-- this Top 36 format is killing this show and not in the "you slayed it by Randy twisted" way.

Amateur hour.

Norman is next, but I'm beyond tired of his act. He was funny once and another time when he sat on the piano for his solo in Hollywood, but now I cannot see him getting anywhere near the top 12. So let me see after the break.

Wow. Eliza Dushku is tre hot in this Hulu commercial.

Okay, kill me now. I'm actually liking this Norman Gentle performance. It's funny. But it will get tired. Whoa how did they let this guy get into the top 36. But by far, the best performance of the night. I'll take this weird act over the crap that I just saw in the past three. At least he stuck to his guns, which is more than I can say for the other contestants who try to pander or get votes by singing songs that they think people want to hear.

Allison Iraheta - What is she doing? She's acting all weird in her pre-interview. She's doing this thing with her voice and distortions with her face. It's like she's just joking around and confused as hell. She's singing a Heart song. She's way too young for me to comment on her looks, but she's a cutie and so far her performance is sick. She's so young yet she's giving so much emotion in this performance which is what all Heart songs have. Not as good as last season's Carly Smithson, but with this horrible crop of singers, Allison is pretty good. This better get some better than good reviews. Good. Randy agrees. I agree with K(C)ara's statement about her stage fright. Iraheta is good. I can see her getting through unless America pulls an Anoop.

Kris Allen - OMG. Michael Jackon - Man in the Mirror. Let's see if this is the train wreck I predict. I take it back. I'm actually this performance. I guess it's all about the control and confidence when you sing this song because it's a good song. And this dude has a good voice. Not bad. I liked it. Kara diagrees with me, however. Damn, Paula agrees with me. AND SIMON too. But now I have to throw up because Paula and Simon kiss. I agree with Randy-- Kris sang without a guitar and was still decent so we'll see how good he is when he's comfortable with a guitar.

It seems like this year, the magic age is twenty-three. Practically everyone is twenty-three! I'm so sad that I'm a year older than these cats.

Megan - Singing Girl Put Your Records On. I'm just distracted by her tats, not her boobs, her tatoos. She pronounces "down" on "let your hair down" all weird like "dun" instead of dOWn. And she does this weird body twisting thing like a four year-old. I guess it's so she can end notes on time or add vibratos, but seriously, does she have to use her whole body and swing her arms back and forth. I didn't really like the performance because the Corinne version is more subtle so I agree with Simon. And hell no to Paula, Megan does not remind me of Nelly Furtado or even Duffy as Randy said. But she is better than the first three horrible performances.

I'm sure American will crap in my face and vote her in. Oh well.

Oh, God, the bald one and that jazz scatt chick are next.

Matt The Welder - Singing that Tonic song. Sounds good so far. He's sticking to his guns but at the same time singing something that's not played-out. But now it feels very karaoke. This whole night is karaoke. I'm tired of this bullshit show.

Jesse - Betty Davis. I don't know this singer or song. But she's not bad. If she gets through, which she should, I hope they don't milk her single-mothered-ness. Randy, even if it's just an okay performance, it's still better than 90% of the other rest tonight. You do the math. I'm tired and bored. Oh my god, she's talking about the drumming in the song and now the judges are clapping and everyone is doing the clap, this show is horrible. I take back what I said about her deserving a spot just a little because though the song was sort of meh, I feel she has potential.

Kai Kalama - Seems to be a favorite of the judges, but I'll be the judge of that. "What becomes of the broken hearted?" He looks doofy. He sings okay. It's probably the song choice. It's very old-fashioned. See, Kara agrees with me. I want to see something just a little more contemporary. Wow. Simon says he would be a good back-up singer. Ouch.

Mishavonna - Drops of Jupiter. Uh, oh. Starts off slow. I like this song so I hope she doesn't frak up this song, but inevitablely the arrangements always make or break the performance. Once again, this performer isn't bad but not yet good. Well, now that the song is crescendoing, it sounds a little better. Overall, meh. Does not blow me away. Wow this episode is horrible. Mother-effer, she's just a baby, 18. I'm not paying attention to the judges right now because talking to my brother about how people look is more interesting. Horrible name.

Of course, as I predicted, they have that Jonas brother wannabe as the show-ender. Do you think this will be the awesome performance of the night, because in all respects this show was the equivalent of a Heroes episode. No one was a standout. Okay now we're back.

Adam Lambert - He looks gay. No problem there except he's not singing well. Wrong song choice because his gyrations and runs are horrible. He sort of saves it in the end, but it's very rock opera-ish for me. Surprise, Paula has a boner for this dude. Was she watching the same thing I was watching. Thank God Simon is bringing it back to earth. I agree 100% with Simon. I feel like, just because it's the last peformance, the judges have to hype it up. So wrong.

And, what the fuck. Randy throws out a bunch of names like that dude in twilight and fall-out boy, which is funny since Edward Cullen is not a singer. I still can't figure out if he's the actor or the character.

Who are my picks? Iraheta has to get in. Then maybe Kris (Man in the Mirror). The third is a toss up but I think Jesse should get in and possibly Adam Lambert as long as he picks a better song and cuts his hair.

Horrible episode. Everyone should be gone.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christine Lakin

It's so wrong that Christine Lakin hasn't made it big in Hollywood. She's absolutely beautiful and seems like a really down-to-earth girl. In one interview, it was probably done eight years ago or so, she was asked what she does spiritually to stay grounded in Hollywood and she answered that her Christianity helps her. First of all, any actress who can bring up her religion in an interview without breaking a sweat or an ounce of apology gets a sticker in my book. However, since that interview is a bit on the old side, it's possible she could have strayed away. But here's to me hoping that she's still cool.

Plus, she's petite and uber cute. She looks very fit but not in the I'm-a-starving-model or a I-can-beat-you-in-volleyball type of body. Don't let anyone tell you that small girls can't have sick bodies because Lakin looks awesome in her FHM pictorial (Is that un-Christian of her? My body says no). So maybe it's a good thing she hasn't made it big. I don't want her changing or anything.

Even as a naive tween (can a boy be a tween?) in the 90s, I was a huge Step by Step fan and I noticed how well she developed. She played Al, a tomboyish girl but of course biology struck and she became hot. The middle sister on that show was definitely not the prettiest one of the bunch (I'm also a fan of Staci Keenan, or maybe her character, Barky, moreso). God, I miss that show.

Christine, you are definitely hotter than Paris Hilton, but by all accounts that is like saying the sun is hotter than a black hole. Paris Hilton is not human-- she's a weaponized form of ignorance with glitter shoved up her pooper. You were the Hottie and Paris Hilton will always be the Nottie. I'd rather have relations with the guy who played JT in Step by Step than hug Hilton.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Even though I stopped watching Smallville right about the time Lois Lane stopped stripping (that's not a joke, there really was a stripper episode), I never stopped thinking Kristin Kreuk was one of the most beautiful actresses out there. Yes, hyperbole much, but she was the reason I started watching Smallville and the reason I stayed on for a long time. I definitely was infatuated with her for the longest time.

Now she has this Street Fighter movie coming out, that by all accounts, looks like a stinker. If it weren't for her, there would be no reason to see this flick. Kristin has to do press tours and God bless press tours because then I get to see how lovely she still is. Kristin might even look better than she ever has. There's a sophistication to her look. She still has the most beautiful eyes which I describe as piercing eyes or dagger eyes. I don't know much about fashion but this dress and that feather thing in her maker her look really good.

Finally, I'm talking about a non-blonde. Maybe I should start watching Smallville, again.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pacitti and the Miley Bitch

I'm Angry.

This season of American Idol has just dropped down a notch. News has just broken out that Joanna Pacitti is out of eligibility. Some sites say it's because she's still under contract, but some commenters have said that it's because Pacitti has close ties to 19 Productions, the American Idol production studio.

Booo! I was rooting for her so much. Sure she's your typical cute girl who can somewhat sing, but would just look at her. She's the cutie of the moment.

She's like the anti Miley Bitch Cyrus. On the one hand Pacitti looks classy while Miley is a whore. She's a whore who does Asian racist face eye slants. I'm not angry about her photos. I'm just angry that she gets so much exposure for all the stupid teenage bitch things she does.

So you can see why I was rooting for Joanna Pacitti.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Idol over Lost just for Tonight

Aw, man. I can't believe I'm going to do this, but I think I might have to pass on Lost tonight and, instead, watch the second hour of American Idol. I know what you're thinking (blasphemer begone!), but it's just that this eppy of Idol is the one where the judges have the contestants sit one-by-one and let them know if they're through to the competition round. Extra special this year is the judges get to be extra mean by letting the ones who get a "no" sing for their survival. Can you imagine how much groveling and tears you'll see from people who are simultaneously doing their best to sing that horrible Dreamgirls song?

Yes, alot of this part of Amerian Idol is manufactured. The whole idea of group singing during Hollywood hell week is horrible, so this part makes up for it. I just hope that my favorites get in. Aside from the Robert Downey, Jr. look-alike, there are only, maybe a handful I have developed strong enough opinions of. I want that Joanne Pacitti gal and that Indian dude to get through (Go, Anoop-dog!). I spelled their names wrong but whatever. I like that Pacitti girl simply because she's got the whole package. She can sing and she's tre-cute. If she gets through, or even not, if we ever see more of her, I think I could develope a huge crush for her. She could be the Ramiele of this season for me, except not Filipino. Anoop, the Indian masters/college student, is just a good singer too. I'm digging him because he breakst the stereotype that singers in America should look and dress a certain way. He looks like a straight-laced college guy/nerd who can sing. Maybe it's just the first impression, but for now, he's got my vote (if I vote). But he's not even that nerdy looking. He doesn't cross into that area of that chikcen little looking guy from the past seasons or that doofy red-head looking crooner dude. I'm not a hater, but those guys were okay. Anoop can sing way better than any of them and he's got the cool smart guy look.

Plus, he's already made up for what Sanjaya did for the South Asian image.

There's also this piano dueler guy. I didn't even know that that was an actual occupation so he gets points automatically for having the word duel in his job description. He's a sick pianist and he can sing. I'm looking forward to his performances.

Of course none of these contestants will matter if that Downey, Jr. guy keeps his A-game going. But at least I'll still heart Pacitti no matter what.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Mutiny

Sick.  Battlestar Galactica was so good tonight.  It's becoming a trend.  It's just sad that these are the last episodes.  I guess it wouldn't be that good if I thought that the show was going to continue indefinitely.

There's a mutiny on Galactica and you get to see Starbuck back to kicking ass and Lee gets to hold a gun again.  I was always peeved (not pissed, that's reserved for other things) that Lee became a politician.  His character became boring.  I liked it better when he was an ace viper pilot and he had daddy issues.  Instead, now he just goes on and on about principles and democracy.  Meh.  Well no more.  This episode flipped the characters on their heads and made them bring out their true colors.

Like how Gaeta is the ass-hole I always knew he was.  I really hate him so bad.  Not just because now he's a frakkin' racist, but because he's always had this whole air of arrogance.  Even though he was at one point loyal to Galactica, I started hating him when he let Baltar out to dry during his trials.  Gaeta never had his back.  Sure, Baltar was a crooked guy and he sorta did get the whole human race in this predicament, but if you were being held hostage to the demands of the toasters, wouldn't you lean on the side of self-preservation?  Had Baltar just let refused to work with the Cylons on New Caprica, then they would've just killed him and the Cylons would've gotten their way with a different president anyway.

Gaeta always held that against Baltar as if he would have done differently.  Yeah, okay I'll give Gaeta the respect for leaking info to Tyrol, but his douchiness afterwards made me sick.

Anyway, back to this episode.  So Gaeta is running the whole mutiny thing along with Zarek.  Chaos all over the ship.  Great stuff.  But the best is seeing the two elder-statesmen, the admiral and the colonel.  Boy.  I have always been indifferent about Adama at worst or have enjoyed his fierceness when he's at his best.  In this episode you get to see him be tough along with the newly-revealed Cylon, Colonel Tigh take out the big guns and stand their ground.  Did you see how the admiral still had his shooting chops.  I can't wait to see if Tigh (one of my favorites) kick some traitorous assess.  I love that dude.  Even though he's a Cylon his patriotism and loyalty and friendship are strong enough to overcome his "blood".  As far as I'm concerned, he's one of the good guys.

But I'm just a little scared that the what the previous for next week are saying is true-- that Tigh has been killed (it seems that way).  He can't die like that.  There needs to be some fight to the last blood is dropped.  And if Colonel Tigh sees the end next episode, boy will it be emotional.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lost was Okay.

The season five premiere of Lost was good, but I wasn't blown away.  Maybe I'm still reeling (?) from the great second-half premiere of Battlestar Galactica (new eppy tonight!), or maybe this season's Lost is so hyped up, but I wouldn't remember much from the two brand new Lost episodes were it not that I am such a huge fan.

The Oceanic six are off the island of course and are trying to go back because something happened (is happening?  Who knows with all this time traveling shite).  So basically the show has devolved to a 24 episode, where instead of Jack Bauer trying to escape, you have Hugo and Sayid running form the police because of some murder at a safe house.  Then you have this weird time-traveling element.  Instead of flashing forward or backwards, now the folks in the island are stuck on a skipping time loop if you will.  But of course, there are rules and even if they bounce around time, the people can't change the outcome of things (Then what the hell is the point?).

You have to suspend belief even more-so now that Lost using time travel alot.  But I still liked the premiere.  Seeing Dr. Haliwax/Chang was Owhsome (in sing-songy voice).  He was very bad-ass with his ordering around.  And I definitely want to see what makes Desmond exempt from the rules.  Of course, how will the six get back to the island and what is the relationship of that Richard dude to Locke.  (I actually remembered the whole compass thing from last season and liked how it was brought back in this episode.  It helped to watch the short season before this premiere.

I hope that Lost utilizes Miles and Faraday more this season too.  More-so Miles because I feel that Faraday will be useful this season.  I'm just a new fan of Ken Leung because there aren't that many Asian Hollywood actors that are fairly unknown but so versatile.  Big-ups to Kenny.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

BSG > LOST (Maybe)

Fuck 24.

Hehe, just kidding. It's just that I'm more excited for Battlestar Galactica's final episodes than for Jack Bauer's escapades. Plus, as big a crap of a show Heroes is, I will watch that over 24 once it returns for what's probably going to be a goofier volume. But I digress, Battlestar Galactica was so good this past Friday. It's premiere was so good.

I have to give the showrunners props for revealing the 12th cylon right away in these final episodes. They definitely avoided the show from devolving to being primarily about the 12th cylon. Sure, it is a big deal. It is. But, by revealing it early, the show won't let down any fans. This is a problem that Lost may have in its final season next year. All anyone wants to know is what the frak is up with the island.

Will the creators just save the reveal for the last episode? Or will they find away to make the show conclude even with an early reveal? Can it even be revealed?

So, Ron Moore definitely did a good job with the BSG this past night. What's even interesting is the fact that the show was filmed right before the WGA strike (writers strike) of 2007.

What made this eppy so good? Well, it was mainly about despair-- the lost of hope of the human race for the human race. The last members of humanity had just found Earth, which they all believed would be their salvation since their previous planets/colonies were destroyed. Now imagine coming to an nuclear devastated planet, instead. How would you react?

Would you blow your brains out if you felt hopeless? I actually give props to Lt. Dualla for this episode. Not because she died, but because I felt her character became more human to me. I could never relate to her before. She always seemed dull and emotionless, which was why I never got the pairing of her and Lee (I was a Billy fan). But in this episode you really felt her despair, when she cried on Earth when she saw the toys on the ground. You knew she felt lost, but you didn't realize it until she tried to have just an ounce of happiness right before she blew her brains out. God, I did not see that coming and for a few seconds I didn't understand what was happening on screen. Just seconds before that, I thought, "Oh, here we go again with this stupid Lee and Dee, crap", then I realized after her blood blasted on ther locker door why she tried to be happy again

To Dee, there was no hope left.

Such a good episode.

Now the reveal that the 12th cylon was Ellen Tigh. It didn't make sense to me at first, also. I didn't like her character much. I just thought she was on the show to enhance Col. Tigh's character, who is one of my favorites. But this realization that Ellen and Tigh were both Cylons all along and that they were together thousands of years ago is absolutely romantic and wreaks of destiny. Love and destiny and purpose. They were always together and will always be together.

Now I can't wait to see how the show developes this "cosmic love".

This post is too long already, but I just have to say that Starbuck's storyline is also another thing to look out for. I thought the show just forgot to explain how she survived the previous incident, or I thought that I was not paying attention. But this will definitely be interesting.

Battlestar Galactica > Lost. Almost.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

24 is back

24 kicked balls tonight. Maybe I've come to accept the unrealistic nature of 24 or maybe I'm just comparing it to a horrible Heroes season, but the first two hours of this new season of 24 (sa wakas!) were absolutely exciting. Some may say that it's more of the same: Bauer is here to save the day through torture and just being plane lucky, but dammit if you're not hooked with wondering how all the different plots will converge into one. Of course, that's not to say that the writers may fuck up and just drop the ball. They may not tie loose ends up or they may give a character horrible powers, like a truth bell that rings when someone lies, that may lazily tie up plot holes, like how viewers will find out whether a bad guy is the father of another bad guy.

Hey, I guess I'm still angry about Heroes. Won't stop me from watching and bitching though. Plus, Lost is coming back soon so I say "Huzzah"! And for the record, my money is on Tony Almeida still being a good guy. He's just undercover. Is it wrong that I care more about Tony (who we haven't seen in ages) than I do about Peter Petrelli? I had so much hope for Peter, but Heroes hasn't recovered.

Jack Bauer has powers though. He can take on any of the Heroes gang single-handedly.

Friday, January 09, 2009

It's the End of the World

I keed, I keed. We're just a little closer to being genetically engineered and/or taken over by robots. According to this news article, the first genetically selected baby was born in the UK. The human (maybe she's not human, gasp!) was selected to not have the faulty genes that MAY lead to breast cancer. That's different from being genetically-engineered. At least from what I understand, the embryos were not altered to have a specific code. Instead, the science folks took a chance in growing several embryos and checked to see which embryo did not have the genes that would predispose the individual to having breast cancer. I also imagine that the other embryos were "discarded". Yeah, they weren't good enough. Obviously, if an individual may have the possibility of developing cancer, they don't deserve to live.

I'm writing this off the top of my head and I'm surprised at how disturbed I am about the possibility that this may be used in the future. Sure, there other ways of screening or selecting. For example, some Jewish families have matchmakers who search through the genes of individuals to see if their becoming a couple and procreating would lead to a child who had some hereditary disease that predominantly occurs in the Jewish race. No embryos are made and screened in the process.

It's one thing to make embryos for science, which I'm still iffy about, but it's another to screen and then let the rest die or whatever. It's like going to an orphanage with all the kiddies lined up and then choosing the one you like the best. Shouldn't some things be left up to luck or fate? This is not even a religious issue. What's to prevent the screening of other "diseases". Yes, cancer is a disease, but what about being something like screening for genes predisposing one to being short? Alcoholic? Gay?

This is a very slippery slope. This individual who was born doesn't even have a zero percent chance of getting breast cancer. According to the article, "faulty genes are responsible for between 5 per cent and 10 per cent of the 44,000 cases of breast cancer that occur in the UK each year". This means that 90% or more are cases where the gene has no affect at all. (I'm lazy and am not looking up if this is actually true, I'm just basing this on mathematics and reading comprehension of the article). This girl could have been born normally and been perfectly fine. Also, early detection could give her a healthy life if she did get breast cancer.

I don't know. This is some scary stuff. I can't imagine rejecting embryos while keeping some. To me, that's life. This is life. You take what you got and make the best of it. You can't make it perfect, but you can still enjoy what you get from it even if it's a daughter with a chance to have breast cancer.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Press Secretary

Dana Perino is hot. I'm actually watching her appearance on The Daily Show and she's wearing this red dress that is boasting some slight cleavage. She's probably the best thing about this administration, and I'm a little sad that she'll be leaving soon. Boo. I bet she's only in her 30's-- I would even say that she's only in her mid 30's, 41 at most. Dana Perino was President Bush's best decision. Maybe it was not Bush's decision because the press secretary position had a revolving door during President Bush's eight years, but at least it's ending on an attractive note. Well, at least with respect to the press secretary position.

Okay, to be fair, let me filter myself a little. I am being a little sexist. Secretary Perino seems to be on top of her game. Tonight Jon Stewart cornered her on some issues, but she didn't get flustered and fought back. Very professional. But she's still hot and I'm jealous that she's married.

Is she blonde?

Just a little note to myself, I should definitely see the following movies soon: Gran Torino, The Wrestler, and The Slumdog Millionaire. I can't wait until all the crappy movies in theaters start leaving. Thank God for NetFlix.