Friday, December 16, 2005

Finals and Procrastination

I have a physical chemistry final in a few hours and for the past couple of days (and up even up to this moment), I have procrastinated by. . .

1) Playing Majora's Mask. It came out 5 years ago on the Nintendo 64. I bought it (again) recently since I had lost it (read: I have no friggin' clue where it layeth). I'll admit: It was an impulse buy. The graphics suck now, and I'm pretty sure I bought damage goods from EB games. Never buy last generation games thinking you will still play them. Especially if they're in cartridge form make sounds when you shake them.

2) A couple of hours ago I watched The 40 year-old Virgin. Pretty hilarious, but not as funny as Wedding Crashers, which also came out this year. Virgin was very quotable and memorable. I just forget what was so quotable. I'll have to rewatch it to remember what.

3) I watched alot of late night talk shows, specifically the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I dunno. The writing is very witty and very well executed. Damn I wish I was that quick and funny. Dammit, I wish I was funny. I'll just have to live with what God gave me: a sexy and killer body. The only thing funny about me is how a guy this good looking is named Blueberry.

4) I'm not really sexy.

5) Okay, I am.

Moral of the story: To be announced after I find out the grade that I get for the final that I should be studying for that will be taken in the morning.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bad News, then the Good News, Then More Bad News

I was always on edge when watching Arrested Development, because I always felt they were always about to be cancelled. 'Lo and behold the great network of FOX reduced the order AD around november from 22 to 13. So Arrested Development is basically cancelled even though FOX has not officially stated so.

Now there's news that Arrested Development might be picked up by smarter networks who do not rely on Pamela Anderson's, err, boobies, if you will. So now I'm thinking,

"Hey, maybe AD will make it to abc since apparently they're having the best years in their history (i.e. some sci-fi island show and some show about too eager female house spouses). This is great news. Maybe even NBC will pick it up since it sorely needs some shows ever since Friends left (Joey does not count, because it's not funny)."

But then I read further, and find that Showtime has the most interest in the show. At which point I say,


It's good that Arrested Development may get picked up and not die a cruel death in the hands of a Family Guy obsessed network, but getting picked up by a premium channel? I have to pay to watch my AD? Sure, I like to buy their DVDs, but at least I can watch them anytime I want: it's called on-demand viewing. I don't even know what the frick is on Showtime.

So, in some sort of irony, I am hoping that Arrested Development does not get picked up by a network/channel. Hey, maybe the WB can pick it up (Smallville leading into AD)?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas+Rachel McAdams=Feel Good

Just a heads up: There's a new Rachel McAdams movie coming out (Yit-tah-dee!). Need I say more? She's just too cute, and what's more- she's a brunette in "The Family Stone".

There aren't enough movies with Rachel McAdams as a brunette. If this movie is any good (which it will be), it might be on top of my list of favorite Christmas movies with a cute girl. The other one of course is that Will Ferrell movie with the lovely Ms. Deschanel. I almost forgot the title. Just look at that picture on the left and tell me you still remember what this tiny sentence was fore.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Response to Gamespot editorial.

Am I in the minority of gamers when I say that a $50 to $100 price cut on hardware is a significant amount worth waiting for? The only reason why this may seem like a small amount is because xbox 360 games cost $60 which is a 20% increase over the normally $50 price tag of new current generation games (it's 50% if you count the $40 dollar new games). Of course Ekberg is correct that $50 won't cover a $60 game.

But, do we need to buy this overpriced games? I'm not going to spend my money so that games can increase in price even more every year. In fact I think $50 cuts in too much already. You might argue that if I'm not able to spend this kind of money, then I should rethink about my hobby. Well, that's exactly the type of thinking that will destroy the gaming industry. Making gaming accessible starts with the economics, that is, how much games and hardware cost. If prices rise, only those who are willing to devote a large percentage of their earnings to gaming can participate. The fans less blessed financially will have to be more strict in choosing which games to buy more. This will decrease the ammount of innovative games (read: games that the are fresh, but the average "kid" would pass over to kill hookers) made because, not everyone will pay for katamari or shadow of the collosus, if madden or grand theft auto comes along.

As a gamer with a tight budget, the bottom line adds up. Even if you think saving $50 is nothing, those savings can possibly allow many more gamers to purchase out-of-the-box titles that make the gaming experience worth it all.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stupid Game Commercials

Anyone seen the latest Sony PSP commerical? Yeah, you know, the one with the throwing and the catching of the nearly $300 portable system. Well, I shoudn't have to write any further if you do. It seems like the Sony is trying to focus less on the games and entertainment aspects of the PSP, and more on the frisbee/boomerang features. Great, now I know I want a PSP. If I play three seconds of some random game, and then throw it as far as I can, someone will catch it and play three more seconds, then throw it to another person at an even rediculous distance, then repeat until the PSP returns to me. Who needs an ipod or a Nintendo DS, when I can play catch wirelessly and play a game for three second intervals.

Don't even get me started with the xbox 360 commercial. "Jump in." Jump into what, you stupid m%&$kers. Is the xbox 360 a game console or a jump rope? If Microsoft wasn't greedy for every market before, now they are: tapping into the tweenage girl demographic with a rope that anyone can jump with. Watch out, Nintendo, there goes more of what little market share you have. Microsoft is probablly just trying to hide the fact that the 360 is frickin' huge.

It probablly also won't come back to the owner if thrown like the PSP.

Friday, December 02, 2005

What the frick, man?

I don't confess to be a long time visitor of 4 color rebellion, but ever since I stumbled upon it (not through stumble upon), I have made it one of my top destinations on the web as do many people.

But three minutes ago, my life changed. Well, actually, it's just that 4 color rebellion has become acquired by CNET networks. I don't know much about CNET networks, but feel like 4 color rebellion has lost its originality in this acquisition. Whatever happened to independent publishing, not being restricted in what you can write about?

I dunno. I should probablly get slapped. I didn't fully read the press release, so I don't know if things will "stay the same". Plus, that BS about "independence" and "restrictions" makes no sense in retrospect. (I refuse to edit posts that come spontaneously). Things have and will change. How and how much is another question. Hopefully that iguana jump-off banner with Link is still their main banner. Whoops! Too late...

Heck, I'll prolly read 4 color rebellion still. There, I said it.

UPDATE: Apparantly, it was all a joke. They just needed to take the site down momentarilly so they played a joke in the mean time. Sheisty! I'm still not going to put 4cr on my links- sutiben is way better.