Saturday, November 26, 2005

'Tis the season

It's a little too late to be reminding people of the upcoming holiday season, but that's not going to stop me. I've been seeing commercials with evergreens in the background, hearing those jingle bells, and of course another frickin' Harry Potter movie is out (theme song ringing: "dun don da-dun don, da dun dun"). Those are just some of the signals that it's time give and receive, and if you're lucky, do more of one than the other.

There has always been one specific movie that reminded me of Christmas, amongst many others: A Christmas Story. Now, I don't remember the last holiday season when I watched the whole movie, but I at have at least left it on in the background just as much as any Christmas carol. This movie is such a classic because every kid can relate to it.

Do you remember that gift you wanted so badly one Christmas, and all signs up to December 25th indicated a no go. Then all of a sudden that morning comes and you were surprised to find that actually did not get that gift. Well, that's not what A Christmas Story is about. The kid actually gets his gift but it ends up being a bitter-sweet present, because he hurts himself using it.

Last year, on DVD, I saw a future Christmas classic: Elf. Of course Will Ferrell is hilarious in this movie, but I enjoy it for the way it captures the innocence of a childhood Christmas in the elf character and also for Zooey Deschanel. What did it for me was when Ferrell's character walks into the bathroom and listens to Deschanel's character singing Baby it's Cold Outside. Now, in many cases, this scene would follow something sexual and possibly an arrest. But being the innocent child the elf was, this scene was charming and funny. Not to mention this scene introduced me to a classic Christmas song.

Plus how cute is Zooey and her beautiful voice. Damn, maybe that's the reason I love this movie so much.

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