Saturday, November 12, 2005

Arrested Development gets less arrested

Arrested Development is quite possibly the funniest thing on television. I challenge anyone to find another show that you can watch multiple times and still find something new and funny in each viewing. The show is made without a laugh track so it doesn't force viewers to laugh at anything that's not. In fact, it's meant to make you laugh at anything that you think is funny. Isn't that the whole point of a comedy: to laugh?

Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way. People would rather watch crime dramas that use special effects and "intuition" to solve unsolvable murders in 44 minutes. (With this piece of dandruff I can figure out that the killer was wearing sponge-bob squarepants underwear before he killed this dude, all I need is some special effects and I'm done.)

That's why the third season has been reduced to 13 episodes. It's probablly going to be cancelled soon.

My personal favorite episode is 'Marta Complex'. My favorite character: Buster ( "He just wants to see other boys' Linuses").

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Su Ti Ben said...

What about the Simpsons? ^_^