Monday, November 21, 2005

360 reasons why not to get an xbox 360

(Warning! I am a big Nintendo fan, but of course I won't go as far as say that I am a fan boy. You be the judge. I happen to own a Playstation 2 and find many of its games hizzot. Sorry, I meant hot.)

Tonight at approximately midnight, best buys and video game stores will be opening up their doors for obsessed, loaded, early adopters of the xbox 360. I will not be one of them for several reasons:

1) It's all about the games. None of the launch games interest me so much that I need to get the system, with the possible exception of Perfect Dark Zero and Call of Duty 2. If racing games are your thing, then get an xbox and play Forza Motor Sport or Gran Turismo 4 on a Playstation 2. Do you really want Project Gotham 3?

Recently, I have played Call of Duty 2, but on the PC. I usually dislike World War II games, but this one was immersive. This probablly plays better on a PC than a console anyway. No need to to get this for Xbox 360 if your PC can run the game.

Sure, I am a big Rare fan, as they have made some of the best games for Nintendo's consoles (e.g. Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Golden-Eye, Diddy Kong Racing), but the verdict is still out on PDZ. If the game turns out to be even half as good as Golden-Eye and Perfect Dark, then this may persuade me. But . . .

2) The price ain't right. The system itself will cost upwards of $400 (Don't bother with the "Core" package, you'll end up paying more later for "extra" peripherals that you'll need eventually anyway). I can sort of understand the price, it is new technology, but 60 bones per game? I dont' know about you but my wallet would cry if I bought a game for $60 but it's too busy being empty in the first place.

So, you have the money for the system and games, but do you have a setup at home that can fully realize the potential of this next generation system?

3) High Definition televisions are still not common and an Xbox 360 would look like an xbox with your regular-ass television. I'm going to need a High Defintion TV to run the otherwise excellent looking games. My thirteen inch "tv" in my dorm is not going to cut it, nor will anything in my home or my neighbor's home. I bet you President Bush doesn't have a High Defintion television either. He won't be getting an Xbox 360 either. Once Hi-Def goes down in price in a couple of months, or even years, the Xbox 360 will also have become cheaper.

4) I have no time for games!

5) Heh, who am I kidding, I'll can always make time for video games.

6) Seriously, the games matter the most when buying a new system, so see reason number one and then number two, because that's also a big thing for me.

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