Monday, June 30, 2008

That Reminds Me Of The Time When...

What is the deal with two-minute webisode content? That's episodic web content. The dude who made "Family Guy" and Google have a deal to deliver original content (a new cartoon) to websites that Google predicts are sites that Family Guy fans visit. Of course, the two-minute episodes will have product placement and your typical advertising and banners.

Is it just me, or does this smell of money money money? (I don't know what money smells like, so I couldn't find an adequate euphemism.) Maybe that's the purpose of Seth McFarlane's and Google's objective. How do you sell a product marketed to the Family Guy demographic (people who don't understand comedy and have ADD)? Well, why not create "content" (advertisements) by a popular cartoonist (unfunny bastard) that the intended demo will click. Plus, since the webisodes are two minutes long, it's practically a commercial. In fact, it's a commercial bookended and plastered with more advertising.

Genius marketing or are FG fans just stupid? Both.

Have fun watching glorified commercials, fans. I'll just wait for youtube to have the episodes so I can watch one and decide that I still don't like anything McFarlane makes.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hair Countdown.

I got my hair cut today. I can't wait until it grows back. But, for now, I will enjoy that it's not too hot anymore and I don't have to wear my hair in a vertical pony-tail while at the gym. No faux-hawk for me, though.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

You Think You Know But You Have No Idea

Okay, I am going to try to explain how to explain-- no, I am going to express how it feels to feel old.

There are varying degrees of old, and for the most part one can be old, or feel old, or both be and feel old. For me, I think I've always been immature or child-like in my behavior and lifestyle. In a way, I like this because it makes me feel youthful. More importantly, I think that kids enjoy life more on a basic level. They play. They are fascinated by common things.

Well, recently I feel like I just woke up suddenly one day and realized I am at the stage of my life that young'uns look forward to. It's the point between adolescence and adulthood. Yeah, I know that adolescence varies between individuals and maybe I'm not exactly at the point anymore, but instead past it. But it's just weird that when I look all around me, people are still growing and have their whole future ahead of them, while I am in my future. Maybe it' s not exactly the future I was planning, but it is a future.

A year from now, I will see if my new plans have come to fruition. Hopefully, with a little more do and a little less reliance on lady luck, I will be in a position to do what I want to do.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Letter To Coldplay

Dear Coldplay,

I am so angry that I did not get free tickets to the MSG concert. This is a problem and will be for quite a while. You see, Madison Square Garden is the most accessible venue that you played in for your Viva La Vida tour. Now, I have no chance to see you live. I have never seen you guys live! Since I am also budgeting my money for future education expenses (hopefully, more grad school), I cannot afford to buy tickets to your shows. More importantly, I am the only one I know who digs Coldplay. My friends are a little "meh" about you guys, and the ones who are fans live in another state so going to a concert with them is out of the question.

If you guys could play another gig or two in New York, that would be balls to the walls great.

Yours Truly,

P.S. I love the new album. At first I couldn't get into it, but since I am such a huge fan, I eventually found a way to dig it. But I cannot emphasize how much I want to see you guys live before I die. Ciao.

Taste my Adobo, Bitches

Surprise. I am not upset about what the President said about Filipino-Americans. First of all, of all the things that I could be upset about Bush's presidency, this remark is a non-issue. I can't even figure out how to make it an ignorant remark. The chef of the White House is Filipino and he was just saying that when he eats his food he is reminded of the talents of such Filipino-Americans. In no way can that be interpreted as an implication that Bush thinks Filipinos are just cooks. He may think that, which I don't believe he does, but his comments did not reflect that.

So, relax bloggers. Nothing to see here. In the mean time, while we all wait for the end of this administration, as a fellow Filipino-American, I offer you some lumpia.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I used to rule the world

Go to to create your own awesome. Can you guess what's on my mind?

Coldplay First Listen - Part Two

I have actually listened through the whole Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends album and have come away with a positive feeling. Once again, remember that I am a huge Coldplay fan. If you are not a fan, listening to a random song on this album may not persuade you. On the other hand, this album has a different vibe than their past efforts, specifically X&Y.

Coldplay has thrown out the formula with this album so even huge fans like myself may have had trouble listening though it for the first time. There are definitely the standout and possible radio-friendly hits like Viva La Vida and Violet Hill. But, radio-friendly is relative in this case since most of today's pop hits are hip-hop infused or sugar pop. There's nothing wrong with those types of music, but Coldplay's music won't get much air time with those stations in the first place.

The album has an overall string and acoustic vibe. Some may feel the glossiness of the album through first listen, but it's just Coldplay's style. I have to say, though, the acoustic versions are equal to if not better than their full counterparts (Lost? and Strawberry Swing). The full version of Lost? has a great clapping beat that would work extremely well in a huge concert setting. It also helps that it's a catchy and uplifting song. The marching beat is matched with great background vocals.

This brings me to the other feeling Viva gives you: it feels like the album takes place in a cathedral or a huge building. There are organs and the secondary vocals are choir-like.

If you are a Coldplay fan who only like songs like Clocks and Speed of Sound, then you might be slightly disappointed that there aren't many piano based "trance" songs. But there are songs that have a driving force and percussive nature to them like Viva La Vida that you can convluse your body to in classic Coldplay style. Some songs are in the album are just begging to be full tracks rather than just appended to the end of other songs. For example, Life in Technicolor does have that old Coldplay feel but is too short (a little over 2 minutes).

Be prepared to fall in love with tracks like Lovers in Japan and Strawberry Swing. Lovers has great percussion and a bouncing piano line with an ever so tiny layer of gloss. I keep saying gloss, but maybe it's something else on this track. You definitely need to listen to this track.

In the end, Coldplay's Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends will satisfy Coldplay fans but may not necessarilly convert naysayers even though the album is more different than any other that Coldplay has created.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coldplay First Listen - Part One

Coldplay Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends - First Listen

I am blogging my reactions to my first listen of Coldplay's new album. Be forewarned, I am a huge fan so you have to take that into consideration. Let's get started.

Lost? - Nice intro beat. So, far lives up to the acoustic version I've been listening to for a while. I'm still digging the acoustic version by a smidgen, but I'm sure I'll come around. I can really feel the cathedral/open echoing vibe this new album is sporting. It's new Coldplay. I think I'll have to get used to it.

42 - Another slow song (But, Blueberry, isn't Coldplay just all slow songs?). Okay, it's picked up the pace a little bit. I haven't gotten a "love this" moment yet for this song. The bridge in the middle is what throws me off. Actually, after the bridge, when Chris starts singing again it's not bad. It feels like Coldplay has went back to their Parachute routes more than their glossy X&Y, though I really like X&Y.

Lovers in Japan - Sick! Now I can tell I'm going to love this song-- just listen to the percussive piano. I think I may have my first "love this" moment. This is Coldplay at it's best, not too glossy, but definitely emphatic in it's driving nature. You can bob to this rock music. I'm still a questioning the layer of organ (?) or some sound that makes it feel X&Yish (think Speed of Sound-- I love Speed of Sound but this song doesn't need that background).

Reign of Love - Actually, this song is attached to Lovers. Decent. Better as a change of pace from Lovers' piano force. But what is that airy background vibe again? I never felt this from Violet Hill or Viva La Vida, so I don't know what's going on. Maybe I have it on too loud with my ear phones on. Okay it's getting better, I don't really feel it to much, or I've just been desensitized.

Yes! - The track is actually called Yes! I wasn't just sceaming in excitement. There's more acoustic guitar than the previous tracks. Wow! What instruments did I just hear? It's strings, but I'm not really good at identifying them. The strings part remind me of middle eastern sounds. It's definitely different. There it goes again. I like that part, actually. It's a nice reprieve. This album is going to take a few listens for me to love it.

Wait, the end of Yes has another song. It's upbeat and the vocals are airy and backgroundish. You can't really make out the words, but that's good in this case. It's a nice track. Also has that driving force but this time with electric guitar. Okay, I really like this track. Why couldn't this be a separate track? It's almost vocal-less, and purely instrumental. Good stuff.

This is a good chance to take a break. The title track is on (Viva La Vida) and you already know I love this track to death. It's probably my favorite of this album (so far) and of any Coldplay song probably ever. Probably.

Also, I have to go watch some awesome dancing in America's Best Dance Crew. So, holla.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adventures on El Tren

Yesterday was the first day I might have possibly bought into the whole superstition deal that bad things come in threes.

It was Monday and I had just finished my only class for the day. It's some geometry crap that relies heavily on proofs, but anyway it was boring as usual. The first bad thing was the weather. Yes, it was hot because it's summer, but then all of a sudden, while I was trying to sleep in class, the thunder roll and the lightning strike. It started raining. It was pouring heavily and it was getting a little chilly. So when class ended I had to walk in the rain without an umbrella (ella eh eh).

Then, when I get to the subway station mildly soaking wet, I was thinking that at least I'm underground now. Well I waited for fifteen minutes and then I heard an announcement that the D train was going really slow and was at 59th street. It wasn't too bad, I was at 145th street maybe it'll get to me on time. Well after another fifteen minutes, there was another announcement that the train was still going slow and was still at 59th street.

I wonder what their definition of "going slow" is?

So I decided to suck it up and go back above ground and take the more expensive route using the metro-north railroad. I'm really cheap only because I have no job right now and as a student, I'd rather save my money for more fun endeavors like beer or movies or video games, not a train train ride.

As I get to the metro-north train station, I see that I have one minute to get on to the train that I needed. I thought to myself, wow, things are looking up, usually I have to wait a while, but at least if I run fast enough I can get on my train. So I jet across the steps probably scaring the old guy walking leisurely on the steps and as I open the door the train that I need is just about ready to close its doors. Wait! I don't even need to yell because I zoom past everyone and jump in the closest car.

Yes, I made it into my train. Bad things don't really come in threes. Except that wasn't my train. It was an express train going all the way to Connecticut passing by my dear old city just north of NYC. Sonofabitch! I had wished I would have missed the train like all those other times, but instead I make it in time for the wrong train, you ass. Anyway, I take the 40 minute ride to Stanford, and then wait another hour at the train station, all the while I am hungry because I missed dinner seeing as how my commute would now take me three hours.

I eventually take the local train back home from Standford. The thing that kept me going and focused through the hunger and waiting was I could not wait to get home at eat some lumpia. I resisted myself from buying any food at the train station. Plus, the food was just donuts because it was late at night and everyone eats donuts at night.

Finally, when I get home at 11 pm, I collapse mentally because the lumpia was not cooked and my motivation to survive the day was all for not.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mid-Summer Movie Madness

This summer is shaping up to be a great summer for movies. Here is a list of the movies I am looking forward to starting with releases in June 20.

June 20.

Get Smart - Steve Carrell is always hilarious and the premise of him being a secret agent is too hilarious. I can't stop laughing at the trailer when Carell gets burned by lasers. Dwayne "the rock" Johnson also is a strong action-comedy guy. And, of course, Anne Hathaway is beautiful eye-candy.

June 27.

Wall-E - I shouldn't have to explain why this is on the list. In fact, Wall-E should be a list on its own. It's a Pixar movie and that should suffice. Plus it's about a cute robot in space looking for love.

July 11.

(Yes, I am skipping Hancock. I'm a huge Will Smith fan, but this superhero thing looks tired.)

Hellboy 2 - I was not excited for the first Hellboy, but it turned out to be a decent popcorn movie. The second outing looks to improve with the director of Pan's Labyrinth on the helm. You can see the great visuals and atmosphere with all the monsters and demons that Guillermo adds to the mix.

July 18.

The Dark Knight - The sequel to possibly the greatest comic book (and just plain films in general) film, Batman Begins. Need I say more. Well, I will. It's a good thing that Wall E and The Dark Knight don't premiere on the same weekend or else I would be torn.

August 1.

The Mummy 3 - People can say what they want about sequels, but the mummy franchise has always been a solid popcorn flick. This time the setting has changed to China, which mixes it up a bit. I'm surpised that I'm a little bit excited for this one.

August 8.

The Pineapple Express - This is another Judd Apatow movie. I really liked Walk Hard despite it's poor reception, so I am actually looking forward to more of his stuff. Also, James Franco is actually a hilarious guy (see his Apatow-directed skits on Funny or Die (dot) com).

August 15.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - It's Star Wars but completely in computer graphics. Looks like a fun diversion, but I would watch it for the action and possibly great visuals. Plus it's Star Wars, whether it's good or not, you have to see it.

Tropic Thunder - I seriously cannot wait for this movie. All you have to know is that a bunch of actors, who think they're in a movie, are put in a jungle in the middle of the war. Robert Downey, Jr. (Go, Iron Man!) who plays a white actor who gets surgery to look like a black guy for the "movie". Hilarity will ensue.

So those are my picks for this summer. For a more condensed list, I would recommend The Dark Knight, Wall E, and maybe even Tropic Thunder. Happy movie watching.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yes It Was That Awesome

The Happening was a blast. I just saw it tonight and it has to be one of the funnier movies I've seen this year. The whole theater could not stop laughing. Who knew that Mark Wahlberg could have such vibrant delivery. I mean, when he yells out "What? No!", I wonder to myself if M. Night really is a brilliant playwright. The way Marky Mark pretends to be pretending scared was awesome. He plays a character who is actually pretending to be scared of this happening. In reality you can see he has no emotion whatsoever. I also loved the whole theme of this movie. In some movies you have to guess until the end what the message or twist is. In The Happening, you don't need to guess, because your first instincts are correct. You already know what is happening, even if it seems ludicrous, even if the characters on screen mention the causes but it sounds so unbelievable that you think to yourself that it can't be that obvious. No. The Happening is beautifully simple. In fact, M. Night was able to protract a sub-15 minute short movie into a huge comedy blockbuster. He could have made an impact with a short vignette, but he literally went the extra hundred miles of the USA east coast and gave you an unbelievable adventure through miles of green pastures. Gone is the boring suspense of Night's previous efforts. No work required here, guys. If you don't believe your first guess, then The Happening sort of wraps it up with a newsreel explaining the whole event with the final verdict that no one really knows how it's all happening.

I cannot wait to see the sequel titled The What-The-Fuck-Was-That-Piece-Of-Shit.

I love you, Zooey Deschanel. Please don't hate me forever.

Friday, June 13, 2008

June Blerg

After years of waiting, R. Kelly has been acquitted of 14 counts of child pornography. There was supposedly a sex tape of Kelly and a 13 year-old girl. At first, I'm a little pissed that another celebrity gets away with things that "normal" people cannot, but then I read that the family of the girl on the video never testified. So, if it doesn't bother the victim, then I'll hold my tongue and tears.

Plus, even as much as I think R. Kelly is a douche, you have to put the case into perspective. Here, the victims won't even testify so it's understandable that Kelly walks. Whereas when an unarmed man gets fired upon with 50 bullets, the police who did the shooting walk.


On a more personal and non sequitor note, I am so frickin' lazy. I'm actually not scared of this lazy summer because it has been a lazy and depressing 2008 for me. All I ever feel now is meh.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Psychology of a Haircut

I always thought that Asian hair was non dissimilar to your Caucasian/white folks hair until I started caring about how I wore my hair and realized how varied hair can be. According to many websites, and most people I know, one with a round and youthful face such as myself looks best with short hair. Ever since college, though I may not have yet to full discover who I am as a person, I at least know that I like to rock the long hair look more often than not. When I say long hair, I mean any style that's not your typical clean cut look that is close to your head.

Why not just wear my hair the way most people say I look good with? Yes, I have worn my hair short recently (last summer), but I like my hair to express how I am feeling. With a short hairstyle I feel that gives off the message of "Hey, let's hang. What-up?!" I feel that it is a more of in your face style. It gives off the vibe that you are open to being read. Nothing really wrong with that cut. I actually agree that I look better with short hair, and I enjoyed wearing it in the summer of last year. But, sometimes I don't feel that way.

I like long hair because, to me, it let's me take a back seat and hide if I am not feeling down to hang. I use it as a protection to blend in. Now my hair isn't long like a girl's but it's really shaggy. More puffy, actually. Asian cats don't really have hair that's feathery naturally. Mine grows thick and full. It can possibly be interpreted as unattractive, but I believe that gives me a better edge personality wise. If I can impress folks with me just being myself, then I can have any frickin' hairstyle I want. Basically, I hope to use substance over style.

Plus, I like to rock out with my hair all disheveled-like. But I foresee that even before the Fall semester begins, I may have to get into the clean cut look. The short hair does actually look even better as it grows out. I can just gel it up and get the same laissez faire vibe. Ultimately, that's the message I want to give out. Lower expectations, but when someone gets to know me, and if I let myself get closer, they will appreciate moi por moi.

Now if I can just find a salon that can give me that shag haircut on a consistent basis, then I'll be so happy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Too Hot

It is too frickin' hot here in the Northeast. I don't know how the West and the South do it, but this 97 degrees (F) plus weather is killing me. As a matter of fact, it has made me lazier than usual, if that's even possible. I do not want to leave the house because it's too hot and my skin burns easily since I'm so pasty white.

But the world believes I should go out more.

Just for health purposes, people need the sun to get their vitamin D. But what about all the skin cancer and skin damage? I could just eat more oily fish and take supplements. But I hate taking pills. I can take vitamins, but I won't enjoy it. With this burning weather I'd swallow a whole bottle not to have to go outside.

Thank god I am only taking one class this summer in the evenings. I won't have to dilly-dally all around the city in the afternoons. While that was so much fun last summer, I was employed back then and enjoying the benefits of teaching. Now I'm in a purgatory of uncertainty with the the only thing getting bigger is probably my weight.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ella A A

I'm late to the party (or am I early?), but I just found out about the singer/song writer Marie' Digby. She pronounces her name marie-ey. She's known for her acoustic interpretation of Rihanna's Umbrella. I'm not a huge fan of Umbrella, Rihanna did an okay job but the acoustic version Digby does gives it an edge. The hip-hop/pop/rnb vibe that the original obviously puts out is filtered in the acoustic version, but not to a point where it's not danceable or recognizable. It's great how all the beats and production of the original is still somewhat present in Marie's version.

Big ups to Marie Digby and of course Rihanna.

On a more Asukal note, how cute is Ms. Digby. Of course, once again, a half white and half Asian girl is attractive. Big surprise. Now I did hear Umbrella before I saw who actually sang it so I'm not too douchey.