Monday, June 30, 2008

That Reminds Me Of The Time When...

What is the deal with two-minute webisode content? That's episodic web content. The dude who made "Family Guy" and Google have a deal to deliver original content (a new cartoon) to websites that Google predicts are sites that Family Guy fans visit. Of course, the two-minute episodes will have product placement and your typical advertising and banners.

Is it just me, or does this smell of money money money? (I don't know what money smells like, so I couldn't find an adequate euphemism.) Maybe that's the purpose of Seth McFarlane's and Google's objective. How do you sell a product marketed to the Family Guy demographic (people who don't understand comedy and have ADD)? Well, why not create "content" (advertisements) by a popular cartoonist (unfunny bastard) that the intended demo will click. Plus, since the webisodes are two minutes long, it's practically a commercial. In fact, it's a commercial bookended and plastered with more advertising.

Genius marketing or are FG fans just stupid? Both.

Have fun watching glorified commercials, fans. I'll just wait for youtube to have the episodes so I can watch one and decide that I still don't like anything McFarlane makes.

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