Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coldplay First Listen - Part One

Coldplay Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends - First Listen

I am blogging my reactions to my first listen of Coldplay's new album. Be forewarned, I am a huge fan so you have to take that into consideration. Let's get started.

Lost? - Nice intro beat. So, far lives up to the acoustic version I've been listening to for a while. I'm still digging the acoustic version by a smidgen, but I'm sure I'll come around. I can really feel the cathedral/open echoing vibe this new album is sporting. It's new Coldplay. I think I'll have to get used to it.

42 - Another slow song (But, Blueberry, isn't Coldplay just all slow songs?). Okay, it's picked up the pace a little bit. I haven't gotten a "love this" moment yet for this song. The bridge in the middle is what throws me off. Actually, after the bridge, when Chris starts singing again it's not bad. It feels like Coldplay has went back to their Parachute routes more than their glossy X&Y, though I really like X&Y.

Lovers in Japan - Sick! Now I can tell I'm going to love this song-- just listen to the percussive piano. I think I may have my first "love this" moment. This is Coldplay at it's best, not too glossy, but definitely emphatic in it's driving nature. You can bob to this rock music. I'm still a questioning the layer of organ (?) or some sound that makes it feel X&Yish (think Speed of Sound-- I love Speed of Sound but this song doesn't need that background).

Reign of Love - Actually, this song is attached to Lovers. Decent. Better as a change of pace from Lovers' piano force. But what is that airy background vibe again? I never felt this from Violet Hill or Viva La Vida, so I don't know what's going on. Maybe I have it on too loud with my ear phones on. Okay it's getting better, I don't really feel it to much, or I've just been desensitized.

Yes! - The track is actually called Yes! I wasn't just sceaming in excitement. There's more acoustic guitar than the previous tracks. Wow! What instruments did I just hear? It's strings, but I'm not really good at identifying them. The strings part remind me of middle eastern sounds. It's definitely different. There it goes again. I like that part, actually. It's a nice reprieve. This album is going to take a few listens for me to love it.

Wait, the end of Yes has another song. It's upbeat and the vocals are airy and backgroundish. You can't really make out the words, but that's good in this case. It's a nice track. Also has that driving force but this time with electric guitar. Okay, I really like this track. Why couldn't this be a separate track? It's almost vocal-less, and purely instrumental. Good stuff.

This is a good chance to take a break. The title track is on (Viva La Vida) and you already know I love this track to death. It's probably my favorite of this album (so far) and of any Coldplay song probably ever. Probably.

Also, I have to go watch some awesome dancing in America's Best Dance Crew. So, holla.

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