Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ella A A

I'm late to the party (or am I early?), but I just found out about the singer/song writer Marie' Digby. She pronounces her name marie-ey. She's known for her acoustic interpretation of Rihanna's Umbrella. I'm not a huge fan of Umbrella, Rihanna did an okay job but the acoustic version Digby does gives it an edge. The hip-hop/pop/rnb vibe that the original obviously puts out is filtered in the acoustic version, but not to a point where it's not danceable or recognizable. It's great how all the beats and production of the original is still somewhat present in Marie's version.

Big ups to Marie Digby and of course Rihanna.

On a more Asukal note, how cute is Ms. Digby. Of course, once again, a half white and half Asian girl is attractive. Big surprise. Now I did hear Umbrella before I saw who actually sang it so I'm not too douchey.

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