Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cool Hough Kids

It's a Sunday evening and I'm listening to The Cool Kids. I just found out about them, of course via what some may think are questionable means: iTunes free tracks.

It's very much in the same vein as Lupe Fiasco. People say it's a throwback to the Hip Hop of the 80s. Whatever it resembles, me likey. As long as it's not like the crap that I hear blasted through cars all over the place today. I'm not a hip hop fan--it's fun to dance to when you're out and about, but to listen to everyday? Not so much. But The Cool Kids are something I can listen to. It's not tolerable, it's actually enjoyable.

On to another topic: dancing. Specifically, that Dancing with the Stars has some really hot girls. Of course, Cheryl Burke is cute. I've known that for the past few seasons, but I only found out about Julianne Hough today. I can't believe there's another blonde I can add to my mental cutie list. She is really something. I guess that dancing does your body good. It looks fun what with all the dancing shows that have sprouted recently.

If Cheryl wasn't a reason enough to watch DWTS, then Julianne shaking it will force me. Just maybe.

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