Monday, May 05, 2008

McDonald's Paper

Right now, I am sitting in a McDonald's on Broadway and 138th-ish. It's not everyday I get to "blog" outside of, what now feels like, a permanent hole. So enjoy this little bit Asukal fans.

I woke up this morning and I finally went to school to begin my research for my paper. I'm not writing anything heavy, it's just for my thesis in education. It's probably going to be a load of bull-donkey-doo, but most papers from my experience are. Did I get much work done? Not really. But I did navigate my school's worthless digital library system so that I could download pertinent journals. If I had been just a little bit more lazy, I'd have just stayed at home and trudged through google scholar. I got at least 10 articles or so-- that should be enough. I still have to "read" them and THEN start typing the paper. I only have to have the review-of-literature and methods section for this semester, but I heard from a birdie that the literature part is the hardest. I have to look at the past work that giants have done so that I can stand on their shoulders and see farther than them. That's not going to happen.

I'll probably just wrap a portion of the giant-- the toe, maybe, and color over the wrapping paper with my own two-cents and style. It should be good enough for class.

When did I become this diminutive pretender? Was it right after 8th grade? Did I really peak ten or so odd years ago? What the frick kind of peak was that?

I hope that the next real world post is much more lively, because that crispy BLT I scarfed down is making me depressed. Or, it's the allergies-- allergies to pollen and pollo.

It's time for class now. Peace, I'm out!

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