Sunday, May 25, 2008

But that's when I ruled the world

I can't think off the top of my head a Coldplay song that featured violins so prominently as the driving rhythm as they do in their single Viva La Vida. Of course I am a little biased since I am such a huge Coldplay fan, but I really love this song. So far, they're two for two. I really liked Violet Hill, and I think Viva La Vida really complements it. Viva La Vida has a driving beat like many Coldplay songs, but I get a laid back feeling from this single. Whereas Violet Hill is a little more determined and serious like a marching band, Viva La Vida is just a genuine enjoyable feel-good song. It's like opening a box and a gust of wind hits you and you smile and listen to to the violins playing. I'm not trying to analyze the lyrics, but I like that they gave a shout-out to Roman Catholic choirs. I can just picture a choir full of singers in the black and white church frocks on a grassy hill and everyone having a good time in the summer. Except not to hot like an American summer, but what I imagine a European trip to a field would be like.

I really don't care that Viva La Vida is played in the iTunes commercial. I'm past judging when bands sell-out. If it weren't for "selling out" I would never have heard of Coldplay back in the day. One of their songs ("In My Place") was played on Smallville, when Smallville was still bearable and interesting. Since then, I never looked back.

But, I have yet to experience them live. I'm upset, thought that in their Norther American tour, they won't be selling tickets to a New York City showing. You have to win it, so I'm hoping I have good luck.

Violet Hill and Viva La Vida feel like Coldplay's newest effort will be really fresh. They seemed more relaxed and I'm hoping that each track spawns the same desire from me to listen to them on a loop.

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