Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let The Right One In, Part 2

I understand if you've read the novel Let The Right One In by John Lindqvist, who also penned the screenplay for the movie, but that's to be expected. I pretty much never enjoy movie adaptations of books I loved, so it's acceptable and understandable to hear negative reviews. However, I don't understand the critiques from people who just don't get it. There's no disputing taste.

What's great though is that Lindqvist did the screenplay too, so the vision of the movie still holds true, in some way, for the novelist. I don't plan on reading the novel because I already love the movie and want to keep the same interpretation that I had when I watched it.

I'm goint to say it again, best coming of age and love story. Made even more meaningful when you add the vampirism and somewhat pedophelia undertones. The fact that the reasons for the two characters being together is so open to interpretation, makes this movie so great. Definitely worth watching again. But to be honest, I only got the the pedo part after the fact (from reviews, it's apparantly a theme in the novel).

Let the Right One In

You need to see this movie.

I could Let the Right One In as a vampire movie, but that would not do the movie justice. It's a coming-of-age story and a love story with a spice of vampire mixed in. I have not seen Twilight and have no real desire to as it has been described as tween/teen porn, but I have a feeling if you want something deeper and meaningful, this movie will hit the spot so many times over.

There are no gimmicky or splashy special effects that make vampires look like cartoon characters that belong on a chocolate cereal. It's about a 12-year-old boy who just doesn't seem to make friends and is the subject of bullying at school; and he meets this vampire girl and they become friends. Of course there's action and suspense and blood. But this is not a Saw movie. I really can't describe this movie well enough. Again, I would not even call this a vampire movie, but a love story. It's a love story of the first love kind. What's even better is it's the kind of love that's innocent but true.

Think of when you were twelve, or think of your first love. It's ironic that it takes a vampire movie to make a great love story, and not the overly sappy and romanticized kind. But then again it's not a vampire movie.

Uber props goes to Lina Leandersson, who is the best vampire ever and the best love interest or friend in a movie. If vampires were real, Lina's Eli would be the mold. Of course, since love stories usually have two individuals, Kare Hedebrant gets props too. Definitely the best love/friendship couple I've seen in a while.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There's a Bomb

I'm late on this.

I'm trying to figure out when is it ever a good idea to yell "There's a bomb!"? I could also make a sexist remark, but there were some guys on the line too and I have much love for the "short" ladies, which in my case would mean ladies of my height or taller.

They do look like ants though. And once people saw that it was just a car that had overheated, why were they still running away? Mob mentality? The ANTM people are going to hold another batch of New York additions. So people should be on the look out for anything that might resemble a bomb and just get rid of it. Extra jail points goes to whoever drives their car and makes it break down in front of the lines again. Extra are-you-f@#$ing-kidding points if someone yells out "There's another bomb!".

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

iPod for the Blind

Meet the new iPod shuffle. Now with the new feature of: if you lose the earbuds, you have to buy the same pair from Apple since the shuffle can only be controlled with the earbuds. Yes, the iPod shuffle has no buttons at all (aside from the lock/shuffle/switch).

I guess this is still for those people who workout and need music but don't want to buy the iPod nano, which to me, is light enough and more full-featured than the shuffle.

Who will benefit from the new shuffle? People whose ears fit perfectly with the earbuds, who take good care of the shoddy earbuds so it won't break or get lost, and for blind people. There's a new feature where a robot tells you the name of the song and artist if you hold the special button on the earbuds long enough. Then if you hold it even longer it tells you your playlists. This makes me wonder why one doesn't get the nano instead. If you're literally blind, I understand then this feature, but it seems infinitely wiser if you can see with your eyes, to look at screen and choose your next song.

Still, Apple is apple. I'm always going to pine for a MacBook Pro. Sigh.