Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There's a Bomb

I'm late on this.

I'm trying to figure out when is it ever a good idea to yell "There's a bomb!"? I could also make a sexist remark, but there were some guys on the line too and I have much love for the "short" ladies, which in my case would mean ladies of my height or taller.

They do look like ants though. And once people saw that it was just a car that had overheated, why were they still running away? Mob mentality? The ANTM people are going to hold another batch of New York additions. So people should be on the look out for anything that might resemble a bomb and just get rid of it. Extra jail points goes to whoever drives their car and makes it break down in front of the lines again. Extra are-you-f@#$ing-kidding points if someone yells out "There's another bomb!".

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