Thursday, November 27, 2008

Love to Eat Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Today I have an excuse for over-eating, which, as it turns out, is much better for my self-esteem than pigging out during any other day. The food had some Filipino twists compared to your All-American fare. For example, instead of collard greens we had something called "laing". It's pretty much just like the former, except spicier and with some coconut milk. I'm probably getting the recipes mixed up, but I'm no cook. I prefer to consume with minimal discretion, unless there are any crustaceans since I'm allergic.

The key-lime pie was bad, though. I don't think I've ever had it before, but it was one of those pies you get at the supermarket that's made at the supermarket. It tasted like it wasn't meant to be eaten, like it belonged in one of those comedy sketches where people throw pies at each other. The interesting thing is that there was another pie from the same supermarket that was made in a similarly careless manner, but was chocolate, and it tasted way better. The pie was still light enough to fit nicely in the said comedy shows, but everyone had seconds. Of course, that includes me. What didn't I have seconds of?

I ate too much. Before dinner, I told everyone that Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. Immediately after my last bite, I was barely able to breathe out the message that I changed my mind-- I hated this holiday. But that's the best thing about Thanksgiving: I love it before and I hate it afterward. It's sort of like when you do something that's evil and you feel dirty and guilty immediately afterward. This is the only holiday where it starts to feel like work towards the end of dinner. It became my mission to not let that huge-ass turkey leg go to waste. I was going to let all its white meat go to my own huge-ass, right next to all the pie fat.

Then we all played Rock Band-- The gimped Wii version because I'm such a Nintendo Fanboy and I'm still suffering from having this sorry excuse for next-gen hardware.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guys and Dolls

Frack me. I just saw this documentary called Guys and Dolls and it will blow your mind. I like to think that I am somewhat open-minded (sure, you can be gay but I don't think you should kill babies), but damn if having plastic girlfriends isn't the weirdest thing ever. It really is just a high form of masturbation. That's why I suggest you save your money for something else because the internet is free and full of you-know-what that you don't need to screw synthetic material shaped into human form.

After watching this disturbing/interesting piece, I now have another thing to put on my list of what-I-hope-I-never-become. It's difficult to get dates, but do I really need to bone a doll?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Why, Coldplay. Why?

Should I even bother putting the "Lost+" track into my iPod?  Yes, I'm a huge Coldplay fan, even though I've never seen them live (still furious about that), but that doesn't mean that I don't think that Coldplay has a few stinkers.  Just listen to any version of the track "Lost" except for the plus version and you'll see why the version with Jay-Z might not make it into my mp3 player.  I really want to put all the tracks of their new EP into my playlist, but something about hearing the beautiful Lost raped by an overrated rapper seems wrong.  Maybe it's the rape part.

Just listen to the track.  It's basically the original track plus JHov's voice rapping over it.  I'd rather have Kanye remix Coldplay's track while he stutters than listen to this abomination again.  I'm probably still bitter about not getting a chance to see Coldplay, but dammit if this song isn't crap.  Other than that, the Prospekt's March EP is pretty great.  It complements Viva La Vida well.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pushing Daisies

I knew it was coming. I saw the signs on the wall when I did not see a single second of promotion from ABC. But here it is: Pushing Daisies is canceled. Let me keep it short and sweet. Such has been the fate of other great-but-canceled television (specifically Arrested Development). What will I miss the most about Pushing Daisies? Pure escapism-- from the vibrant colors to the sharp dialogue. It looked good and it sounded good. You won't see color like that in the real world. You won't hear conversations like that in the real world.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


What are the critics smoking? Quantum of Solace was fantastic. While I'm not ready to concede the title of the best James Bond movie, which for me still goes to Casino Royale, Quantum gives it a run for its money.

Quantum is like Casino, but with more explosions and less talking. I can definitely see that the Bond franchise is taking a bit off of the Bourne series, which in reality has taken a bite from Ian Flemming's Bond. Casino Royale gets an edge in the pacing, though, since there is much more plot and character development. In Quantum's defense, this is probably, to my knowledge, the only Bond movie that is a direct sequel (it takes place right after Casino left off). So if you take this movie as a sequel to Casino, rather than a stand alone movie, you may enjoy it more. Either way, it's still a great movie.

Plus, Olga Kurylenko is so beautiful. She definitely pulls of the Latin looks well. Bond always gets the hotties, doesn't he? Oh, and there are gadgets, you're just not paying attention, but Bond and MI-6 is not underpowered.

As an aside, this is the type of movie that makes me wish I spoke other languages--just look at the locales and people! Yes, this semester I'm working on some sort of Spanish, and I may have to just learn it on my own when I start my second masters, but I wish I could just immerse myself and learn it already. I'm actually really jealous of anyone who is multi-lingual. I really don't count the Tagalog that I understand since, I can't communicate properly and most Filipinos speak some sort of English (just watch the frickin' The Filipino Channel and you might understand half the words they say). We're living in a global world that's more interconnected than ever, speaking more than one language can bring us closer.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kanye Le Douche

Kanye West is hilarious, if not a huge douche. He is a megalomaniac who thinks that the words that comes out of his mouth have some sort of profound meaning. Let him speak for himself. I do just fine making sense on my own.

Maybe he's just run out of oldie's to sample.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What the FOCA

I am surprised to find myself a little torn. On the one hand, I feel it is wrong that the government gets to define who gets to marry whom. Then there's my long-held belief that abortion rights should be determined locally, that is, the states should be allowed, via voting and referendums, to institute laws allowing or prohibiting abortions. Basically, if you are the type to believe that a person should be able to get an express abortion, then you should be able to get one if you live in a state where the majority of people agree with you. However, if you still believe, for whatever reason, that you cannot allow abortions to occur, then you should be allowed to live similarly.

Shockingly, I find that this view that I hold resembles more closely the right-to-choose views of the country rather than what I initially believed was my pro-life slant. But, I have to declare that I am a pro-lifer because at the end of the day I would stray on the side of life and love. I am not making a judgment here on other people's morality-- I have not brought any religious elements into the equation. Life, for me at least, begins at conception. So in essence, when one aborts, they are destroying a life. (Interestingly enough, I am unable to type "kill" in place of "destroy.) However, I believe there are certain situations that paint this moral issue a dark gray. In instances of rape, incest, or when the life of the child or mother is in danger, then I believe abortion is an option. I have no problem with this and I actually understand this position. However, I just don't think anyone else should easily be able to have an abortion.

One may argue that it is the woman's choice because it's her body. Well, you can believe that, but I believe that that is a life inside a woman and not an object. This position of mine is very slippery, but that's why I draw a line at defining life. I use the simplest definition and that's at conception. No trimesters, no partials, just life.

What I will oppose is any mandate forcing all physicians to perform abortions. If a doctor does not want to perform an abortion because of personal, moral, or religious beliefs, then he or she should not be forced by the law. They can still fulfill their role as health caretakers by offering the individual other options, including doctors who can perform the abortion. It's one thing to perform what I believe to be morally questionable, but it's a whole 'nother issue when the government forces someone who does not believe in it to do it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Proposition Hate

The United States takes two steps forward and one step back. While we have beautifully inspired the world by electing a minority to the highest elected position of power, President-elect Barack Obama, the state of California has voted to pass an amendment to their state constitution that re-defines marriage, essentially making all previous same-sex marriages illegal.

This is proposition 8, or as many now know it as proposition h8 (hate).

This is no doubt due to the influence of right-wing Evangelical Christians and their stubbornness to realize that their god (and probably my god), if he were so ever-loving, would at the very least, love all his children, including gays and especially ignorant religious biggots.

Look, when it comes to the issue of abortion, even if were absolutely unassociated with any religious organization, I would always believe that life begins at conception-- when the sperm and egg join. (I believe that the zygote is the beginning of human life. I have no problem with preventative contraception that stop the sperm and egg from joining. Because that does not destroy the life. But abortions are a different beast, and I am not entirely black or white on that topic, which is a post for another day.)

When it comes to homosexuality, I could never understand how some people could be denied their right to love. I understand that a church can make its own rules, but it is absolutely hypocritical that god proposes "love thy neighbor" but deny "love" for some. That's what irks me so much about Christianity. I grew up learning about how Jesus loves you, but as I grew older it seemed so contradictory that some people are loved less. I'm pretty sure that's not what Jesus had in mind, denying all people, embryos and homosexuals, a right to life and love.

That's what it comes down to folks. You could be the most religious person in the world, or you could be an agnostic, but what you all have in common is the right to life and the right to love. To have someone else deny you that right defeats the whole purpose of everything. If a single person in the United States of American is denied this right, then we still have a ways to go.

Love thy neighbor. Period.