Thursday, November 27, 2008

Love to Eat Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Today I have an excuse for over-eating, which, as it turns out, is much better for my self-esteem than pigging out during any other day. The food had some Filipino twists compared to your All-American fare. For example, instead of collard greens we had something called "laing". It's pretty much just like the former, except spicier and with some coconut milk. I'm probably getting the recipes mixed up, but I'm no cook. I prefer to consume with minimal discretion, unless there are any crustaceans since I'm allergic.

The key-lime pie was bad, though. I don't think I've ever had it before, but it was one of those pies you get at the supermarket that's made at the supermarket. It tasted like it wasn't meant to be eaten, like it belonged in one of those comedy sketches where people throw pies at each other. The interesting thing is that there was another pie from the same supermarket that was made in a similarly careless manner, but was chocolate, and it tasted way better. The pie was still light enough to fit nicely in the said comedy shows, but everyone had seconds. Of course, that includes me. What didn't I have seconds of?

I ate too much. Before dinner, I told everyone that Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. Immediately after my last bite, I was barely able to breathe out the message that I changed my mind-- I hated this holiday. But that's the best thing about Thanksgiving: I love it before and I hate it afterward. It's sort of like when you do something that's evil and you feel dirty and guilty immediately afterward. This is the only holiday where it starts to feel like work towards the end of dinner. It became my mission to not let that huge-ass turkey leg go to waste. I was going to let all its white meat go to my own huge-ass, right next to all the pie fat.

Then we all played Rock Band-- The gimped Wii version because I'm such a Nintendo Fanboy and I'm still suffering from having this sorry excuse for next-gen hardware.

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