Saturday, December 06, 2008

Prospekt's March

I freakin' love the Prospekt's March, sans Jay Z of course. But it's so good that adding Mr. Beyonce is almost entirely canceled-out. Coldplay probably did that so that the new EP would not be too awesome, 'cause you know, you have to leave the fans wanting more.

Let's do a track by track analysis, shall we?

  • Life in Technicolor II -- What happens when you take the best non-track ever from Viva La Vida (the track is basically a less-than-two-minutes instrumental) and you make it a "real" track? You get a part two that's even more awesome. Who knew that adding vocals to one of my favorites would make it so good? Well, actually, I did.
  • Postcards from Far Away -- This is probably the equivalent of Life in Techinicolor part 1 from Viva La Vida. It's also an instrumental. But this time it consists of only piano. It's a short, tiny morsal of warmth. Maybe if there's a second EP (please!) then Postcards could become a smooth balad.
  • Glass of Water -- l love when Coldplay rocks out by banging wildly on the piano. Clocks and Speed of Sound from their last albums were great, but Glass of Water has this great off-beat chorus of thundering piano. I'm not as musical as my history would say I am, but I think the timing changes during the chorus and makes you want to grab a piano and smash along with it. Go crazy. I can imagine Chris Martin just doing his weirdo dance while playing this song. Coldplay at its best.
  • Rainy Days -- This reminds me of Beck for some reason. It sounds like there's a turntable in the beginning so it sounds nothing like Coldplay in the begining, but you start to realize that you like it still. Then the strings come in during the chorus and Chris plays around with the lyrics in a syncopated matter. You'll find yourself waiting patiently for the chorus everytime.
  • Prosepekt's March --Here is the title track. Love the smooth feeling and the lyrics are great (Don't you wish life were as simple/ as shooting fish inside a barrell when you've got the gun?) . Though it's slow and there's a simple guitar riff, Chris really sings the song well. Another track that makes you feel good.
  • Lost+ -- Jay-Z. meh. Sounds like Jay-Z phoned in the lyrics, literally, rather than show up to the studio and jam with Coldplay. This is disapppointing considering that had the two actually come up with something original, it would have been oodles better than this weak effort. I loved all previous Lost versions, but this one is bad.
  • Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) -- I absolutely love this track on Viva La Vida. This is pretty much the same track. There's a slight change in the middle where there's some faint extra singing added. Also, this is no longer a two-fer-- no Reign of Love. So it's a good addition to the EP not like that bastard Lost plus.
  • Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground -- This is acoustic Coldplay. Slow and Calm. It's a good change of pace and an end to the EP.
I love Prospekt's March. When Viva La Vida intially dropped this summer, I did not get the chance to buy it. However, I believe that my not buying it was a sign from the music gods. They delivered to me this little gem. Especially, now that there's a Viva La Vida: Prospekt's March special Edition.

So, yeah, I love Coldplay more than ever.

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