Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Punk Rock Princess of Baby Shakes

I just found out today that, this whole semester, I've been in class with a rock star. Can you believe it? The same girl I've developed a thing for, wondering what she's like, wondering how such a cute girl could have all these tatoos (two). Just today, my friend facebooked me and said to check out the basis of this band. I recognized the band in the link as the band that that girl in my class has a bag of. Right before I clicked the link I already had a feeling something was up. Could there be a link? Why did I think that? Well, me and my friend were recently just talking about that girl and it's sort of become an inside joke of sorts. And when I say talk I mean me curiously talking about her a little too much (just see the last few posts on my friend's wall).

So Frack me when I click the link and see that the basist is the cute girl in Spanish class. It totally answers the tatoos. She's in a punk/pop-punk band-- and it's all girl. All cute girls. I don't know many basists but this girl falls in the intersection of cute basists and cute girls I take a class with. She sort of gives off the vibe of "why do I need to be in class? I'm a goddam rock star". She's quiet but not in the shy way, like in the way that borderlines I'm better than you status. I was so excited when she sat next to me in the past. I thought she was just the artsy type because she had those art portfolios and during a lesson on "cursos de universidad", she described where the location of the art facilities.

You should have been in my head this whole semester. I had made up all these diabolical plans of how I was going to finally have a conversation with her. The first plan was to catch her right after class and casually talk about how my brother also likes art and whether she knew any good way to get art framed. That's sort of true because it is and I like to think that it would have worked except she always leaves class early. Should I have been the weirdo that also leaves class fifteen minutes early (Umm, are you stalking me?) right when she does. Obvious.

I also thought of a plan that involved winning some Coldplay tickets to a special Yahoo secret concert. I'm of course a huge Coldplay fan, but something tells me had I won those tickets and asked that girl, she would have been less than thrilled to go since she's so punk and all. Apparently, Coldplay makes you gay. Me gay. Also, I never win cool things, especially when it involves Coldplay. I don't even know why I'm in that frickin' mailing list when I can't even see them live for shite.

Anyway, she's now 100 times more out of my league now that I know she has a secret identity. It's hard enough to talk to girls. Plus combine that issue with the fact that she's pretty gorgeous and then the fact that she's a rock princess of punk and I might as well become celibate.

To think I was about to right a poem about her. Eso es mi vida.

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