Monday, November 24, 2008

Why, Coldplay. Why?

Should I even bother putting the "Lost+" track into my iPod?  Yes, I'm a huge Coldplay fan, even though I've never seen them live (still furious about that), but that doesn't mean that I don't think that Coldplay has a few stinkers.  Just listen to any version of the track "Lost" except for the plus version and you'll see why the version with Jay-Z might not make it into my mp3 player.  I really want to put all the tracks of their new EP into my playlist, but something about hearing the beautiful Lost raped by an overrated rapper seems wrong.  Maybe it's the rape part.

Just listen to the track.  It's basically the original track plus JHov's voice rapping over it.  I'd rather have Kanye remix Coldplay's track while he stutters than listen to this abomination again.  I'm probably still bitter about not getting a chance to see Coldplay, but dammit if this song isn't crap.  Other than that, the Prospekt's March EP is pretty great.  It complements Viva La Vida well.

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