Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yes It Was That Awesome

The Happening was a blast. I just saw it tonight and it has to be one of the funnier movies I've seen this year. The whole theater could not stop laughing. Who knew that Mark Wahlberg could have such vibrant delivery. I mean, when he yells out "What? No!", I wonder to myself if M. Night really is a brilliant playwright. The way Marky Mark pretends to be pretending scared was awesome. He plays a character who is actually pretending to be scared of this happening. In reality you can see he has no emotion whatsoever. I also loved the whole theme of this movie. In some movies you have to guess until the end what the message or twist is. In The Happening, you don't need to guess, because your first instincts are correct. You already know what is happening, even if it seems ludicrous, even if the characters on screen mention the causes but it sounds so unbelievable that you think to yourself that it can't be that obvious. No. The Happening is beautifully simple. In fact, M. Night was able to protract a sub-15 minute short movie into a huge comedy blockbuster. He could have made an impact with a short vignette, but he literally went the extra hundred miles of the USA east coast and gave you an unbelievable adventure through miles of green pastures. Gone is the boring suspense of Night's previous efforts. No work required here, guys. If you don't believe your first guess, then The Happening sort of wraps it up with a newsreel explaining the whole event with the final verdict that no one really knows how it's all happening.

I cannot wait to see the sequel titled The What-The-Fuck-Was-That-Piece-Of-Shit.

I love you, Zooey Deschanel. Please don't hate me forever.

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