Thursday, June 12, 2008

Psychology of a Haircut

I always thought that Asian hair was non dissimilar to your Caucasian/white folks hair until I started caring about how I wore my hair and realized how varied hair can be. According to many websites, and most people I know, one with a round and youthful face such as myself looks best with short hair. Ever since college, though I may not have yet to full discover who I am as a person, I at least know that I like to rock the long hair look more often than not. When I say long hair, I mean any style that's not your typical clean cut look that is close to your head.

Why not just wear my hair the way most people say I look good with? Yes, I have worn my hair short recently (last summer), but I like my hair to express how I am feeling. With a short hairstyle I feel that gives off the message of "Hey, let's hang. What-up?!" I feel that it is a more of in your face style. It gives off the vibe that you are open to being read. Nothing really wrong with that cut. I actually agree that I look better with short hair, and I enjoyed wearing it in the summer of last year. But, sometimes I don't feel that way.

I like long hair because, to me, it let's me take a back seat and hide if I am not feeling down to hang. I use it as a protection to blend in. Now my hair isn't long like a girl's but it's really shaggy. More puffy, actually. Asian cats don't really have hair that's feathery naturally. Mine grows thick and full. It can possibly be interpreted as unattractive, but I believe that gives me a better edge personality wise. If I can impress folks with me just being myself, then I can have any frickin' hairstyle I want. Basically, I hope to use substance over style.

Plus, I like to rock out with my hair all disheveled-like. But I foresee that even before the Fall semester begins, I may have to get into the clean cut look. The short hair does actually look even better as it grows out. I can just gel it up and get the same laissez faire vibe. Ultimately, that's the message I want to give out. Lower expectations, but when someone gets to know me, and if I let myself get closer, they will appreciate moi por moi.

Now if I can just find a salon that can give me that shag haircut on a consistent basis, then I'll be so happy.

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