Saturday, November 12, 2005

It starts. . .

I was flipping through the t.v. and saw that the Pussy Cat Dolls were performing on MTV's Europe Music Awards, which made me think. Sure, the girls in this group are not unattractive. If you ever get to see their faces, other than the lead singer's, for long enough, they're probablly not bad. (There is one girl that sorta looks like Rachel McAdams as a brunette which is definitely a good thing (see Wedding Crashers).)

But I am not particulary attracted to any of the women. Now, you might be thinking either,
"Damn, this dude is gay", or "What about the lead signer?"
First, No, I am not. Second of all, my main problem is the fact that Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer, used to be in a reality girl group that I was fan of: Eden's Crush. Sure, it's not really her fault that the group that I was liked/was obsessed with broke up. My problem is that she feels that PCD is more successful because it was not a "manufactured" group like EC, and they have chemistry (my quotes).

How does she think PCD was formed? Did a bunch of chicks decide to make a band? No. PCD is just as manufactured as Eden's Crush. I think the main thing is she likes being the lead singer/ only singer. Can the other girls sing? Probablly not. No, I take that back. I meant to say hell no.

Now I'm not ragging on Ms. Scherzinger's skills. On the contrary, I've always felt that she was a very gifted singer. I enjoyed her voice along with the other girls on Eden's Crush. It's just that I wish two things would happen: either they change the name of the group to
Nicole and the Pussy Cat Dolls, or Eden's Crush gets back together.

Because, Rosanna, Ana Maria, Ivette, and Maile could sing circles around any of the other members of PCD with the exception of the single EC alum. Plus, they were hot AND they could

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