Friday, December 02, 2005

What the frick, man?

I don't confess to be a long time visitor of 4 color rebellion, but ever since I stumbled upon it (not through stumble upon), I have made it one of my top destinations on the web as do many people.

But three minutes ago, my life changed. Well, actually, it's just that 4 color rebellion has become acquired by CNET networks. I don't know much about CNET networks, but feel like 4 color rebellion has lost its originality in this acquisition. Whatever happened to independent publishing, not being restricted in what you can write about?

I dunno. I should probablly get slapped. I didn't fully read the press release, so I don't know if things will "stay the same". Plus, that BS about "independence" and "restrictions" makes no sense in retrospect. (I refuse to edit posts that come spontaneously). Things have and will change. How and how much is another question. Hopefully that iguana jump-off banner with Link is still their main banner. Whoops! Too late...

Heck, I'll prolly read 4 color rebellion still. There, I said it.

UPDATE: Apparantly, it was all a joke. They just needed to take the site down momentarilly so they played a joke in the mean time. Sheisty! I'm still not going to put 4cr on my links- sutiben is way better.


Su Ti Ben said...

Sheisty? Where do you get these words. At least you didn't go about to erase what you wrote

blueberry said...

Damn straight, I'm not like that, 'course you wouldn't know if I did.