Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas+Rachel McAdams=Feel Good

Just a heads up: There's a new Rachel McAdams movie coming out (Yit-tah-dee!). Need I say more? She's just too cute, and what's more- she's a brunette in "The Family Stone".

There aren't enough movies with Rachel McAdams as a brunette. If this movie is any good (which it will be), it might be on top of my list of favorite Christmas movies with a cute girl. The other one of course is that Will Ferrell movie with the lovely Ms. Deschanel. I almost forgot the title. Just look at that picture on the left and tell me you still remember what this tiny sentence was fore.


Su Ti Ben said...

Rachel McAdams you say? Hold on let me Google it ... oh the one that appeared on "The Famous Jett Jackson" and "The Mean Girls". Geez you really are in the Christmas spirit.

blueberry said...

But, I didn't know she was on "The famous Jett Jackson". I knew she was in "Mean Girls", but that was before I knew about her.

Su Ti Ben said...

now u know