Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bad News, then the Good News, Then More Bad News

I was always on edge when watching Arrested Development, because I always felt they were always about to be cancelled. 'Lo and behold the great network of FOX reduced the order AD around november from 22 to 13. So Arrested Development is basically cancelled even though FOX has not officially stated so.

Now there's news that Arrested Development might be picked up by smarter networks who do not rely on Pamela Anderson's, err, boobies, if you will. So now I'm thinking,

"Hey, maybe AD will make it to abc since apparently they're having the best years in their history (i.e. some sci-fi island show and some show about too eager female house spouses). This is great news. Maybe even NBC will pick it up since it sorely needs some shows ever since Friends left (Joey does not count, because it's not funny)."

But then I read further, and find that Showtime has the most interest in the show. At which point I say,


It's good that Arrested Development may get picked up and not die a cruel death in the hands of a Family Guy obsessed network, but getting picked up by a premium channel? I have to pay to watch my AD? Sure, I like to buy their DVDs, but at least I can watch them anytime I want: it's called on-demand viewing. I don't even know what the frick is on Showtime.

So, in some sort of irony, I am hoping that Arrested Development does not get picked up by a network/channel. Hey, maybe the WB can pick it up (Smallville leading into AD)?

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