Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stupid Game Commercials

Anyone seen the latest Sony PSP commerical? Yeah, you know, the one with the throwing and the catching of the nearly $300 portable system. Well, I shoudn't have to write any further if you do. It seems like the Sony is trying to focus less on the games and entertainment aspects of the PSP, and more on the frisbee/boomerang features. Great, now I know I want a PSP. If I play three seconds of some random game, and then throw it as far as I can, someone will catch it and play three more seconds, then throw it to another person at an even rediculous distance, then repeat until the PSP returns to me. Who needs an ipod or a Nintendo DS, when I can play catch wirelessly and play a game for three second intervals.

Don't even get me started with the xbox 360 commercial. "Jump in." Jump into what, you stupid m%&$kers. Is the xbox 360 a game console or a jump rope? If Microsoft wasn't greedy for every market before, now they are: tapping into the tweenage girl demographic with a rope that anyone can jump with. Watch out, Nintendo, there goes more of what little market share you have. Microsoft is probablly just trying to hide the fact that the 360 is frickin' huge.

It probablly also won't come back to the owner if thrown like the PSP.

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