Sunday, February 15, 2009


Even though I stopped watching Smallville right about the time Lois Lane stopped stripping (that's not a joke, there really was a stripper episode), I never stopped thinking Kristin Kreuk was one of the most beautiful actresses out there. Yes, hyperbole much, but she was the reason I started watching Smallville and the reason I stayed on for a long time. I definitely was infatuated with her for the longest time.

Now she has this Street Fighter movie coming out, that by all accounts, looks like a stinker. If it weren't for her, there would be no reason to see this flick. Kristin has to do press tours and God bless press tours because then I get to see how lovely she still is. Kristin might even look better than she ever has. There's a sophistication to her look. She still has the most beautiful eyes which I describe as piercing eyes or dagger eyes. I don't know much about fashion but this dress and that feather thing in her maker her look really good.

Finally, I'm talking about a non-blonde. Maybe I should start watching Smallville, again.

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