Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Idol over Lost just for Tonight

Aw, man. I can't believe I'm going to do this, but I think I might have to pass on Lost tonight and, instead, watch the second hour of American Idol. I know what you're thinking (blasphemer begone!), but it's just that this eppy of Idol is the one where the judges have the contestants sit one-by-one and let them know if they're through to the competition round. Extra special this year is the judges get to be extra mean by letting the ones who get a "no" sing for their survival. Can you imagine how much groveling and tears you'll see from people who are simultaneously doing their best to sing that horrible Dreamgirls song?

Yes, alot of this part of Amerian Idol is manufactured. The whole idea of group singing during Hollywood hell week is horrible, so this part makes up for it. I just hope that my favorites get in. Aside from the Robert Downey, Jr. look-alike, there are only, maybe a handful I have developed strong enough opinions of. I want that Joanne Pacitti gal and that Indian dude to get through (Go, Anoop-dog!). I spelled their names wrong but whatever. I like that Pacitti girl simply because she's got the whole package. She can sing and she's tre-cute. If she gets through, or even not, if we ever see more of her, I think I could develope a huge crush for her. She could be the Ramiele of this season for me, except not Filipino. Anoop, the Indian masters/college student, is just a good singer too. I'm digging him because he breakst the stereotype that singers in America should look and dress a certain way. He looks like a straight-laced college guy/nerd who can sing. Maybe it's just the first impression, but for now, he's got my vote (if I vote). But he's not even that nerdy looking. He doesn't cross into that area of that chikcen little looking guy from the past seasons or that doofy red-head looking crooner dude. I'm not a hater, but those guys were okay. Anoop can sing way better than any of them and he's got the cool smart guy look.

Plus, he's already made up for what Sanjaya did for the South Asian image.

There's also this piano dueler guy. I didn't even know that that was an actual occupation so he gets points automatically for having the word duel in his job description. He's a sick pianist and he can sing. I'm looking forward to his performances.

Of course none of these contestants will matter if that Downey, Jr. guy keeps his A-game going. But at least I'll still heart Pacitti no matter what.

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