Friday, January 30, 2009

Battlestar Galactica Mutiny

Sick.  Battlestar Galactica was so good tonight.  It's becoming a trend.  It's just sad that these are the last episodes.  I guess it wouldn't be that good if I thought that the show was going to continue indefinitely.

There's a mutiny on Galactica and you get to see Starbuck back to kicking ass and Lee gets to hold a gun again.  I was always peeved (not pissed, that's reserved for other things) that Lee became a politician.  His character became boring.  I liked it better when he was an ace viper pilot and he had daddy issues.  Instead, now he just goes on and on about principles and democracy.  Meh.  Well no more.  This episode flipped the characters on their heads and made them bring out their true colors.

Like how Gaeta is the ass-hole I always knew he was.  I really hate him so bad.  Not just because now he's a frakkin' racist, but because he's always had this whole air of arrogance.  Even though he was at one point loyal to Galactica, I started hating him when he let Baltar out to dry during his trials.  Gaeta never had his back.  Sure, Baltar was a crooked guy and he sorta did get the whole human race in this predicament, but if you were being held hostage to the demands of the toasters, wouldn't you lean on the side of self-preservation?  Had Baltar just let refused to work with the Cylons on New Caprica, then they would've just killed him and the Cylons would've gotten their way with a different president anyway.

Gaeta always held that against Baltar as if he would have done differently.  Yeah, okay I'll give Gaeta the respect for leaking info to Tyrol, but his douchiness afterwards made me sick.

Anyway, back to this episode.  So Gaeta is running the whole mutiny thing along with Zarek.  Chaos all over the ship.  Great stuff.  But the best is seeing the two elder-statesmen, the admiral and the colonel.  Boy.  I have always been indifferent about Adama at worst or have enjoyed his fierceness when he's at his best.  In this episode you get to see him be tough along with the newly-revealed Cylon, Colonel Tigh take out the big guns and stand their ground.  Did you see how the admiral still had his shooting chops.  I can't wait to see if Tigh (one of my favorites) kick some traitorous assess.  I love that dude.  Even though he's a Cylon his patriotism and loyalty and friendship are strong enough to overcome his "blood".  As far as I'm concerned, he's one of the good guys.

But I'm just a little scared that the what the previous for next week are saying is true-- that Tigh has been killed (it seems that way).  He can't die like that.  There needs to be some fight to the last blood is dropped.  And if Colonel Tigh sees the end next episode, boy will it be emotional.

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