Friday, January 23, 2009

Lost was Okay.

The season five premiere of Lost was good, but I wasn't blown away.  Maybe I'm still reeling (?) from the great second-half premiere of Battlestar Galactica (new eppy tonight!), or maybe this season's Lost is so hyped up, but I wouldn't remember much from the two brand new Lost episodes were it not that I am such a huge fan.

The Oceanic six are off the island of course and are trying to go back because something happened (is happening?  Who knows with all this time traveling shite).  So basically the show has devolved to a 24 episode, where instead of Jack Bauer trying to escape, you have Hugo and Sayid running form the police because of some murder at a safe house.  Then you have this weird time-traveling element.  Instead of flashing forward or backwards, now the folks in the island are stuck on a skipping time loop if you will.  But of course, there are rules and even if they bounce around time, the people can't change the outcome of things (Then what the hell is the point?).

You have to suspend belief even more-so now that Lost using time travel alot.  But I still liked the premiere.  Seeing Dr. Haliwax/Chang was Owhsome (in sing-songy voice).  He was very bad-ass with his ordering around.  And I definitely want to see what makes Desmond exempt from the rules.  Of course, how will the six get back to the island and what is the relationship of that Richard dude to Locke.  (I actually remembered the whole compass thing from last season and liked how it was brought back in this episode.  It helped to watch the short season before this premiere.

I hope that Lost utilizes Miles and Faraday more this season too.  More-so Miles because I feel that Faraday will be useful this season.  I'm just a new fan of Ken Leung because there aren't that many Asian Hollywood actors that are fairly unknown but so versatile.  Big-ups to Kenny.

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