Sunday, January 11, 2009

24 is back

24 kicked balls tonight. Maybe I've come to accept the unrealistic nature of 24 or maybe I'm just comparing it to a horrible Heroes season, but the first two hours of this new season of 24 (sa wakas!) were absolutely exciting. Some may say that it's more of the same: Bauer is here to save the day through torture and just being plane lucky, but dammit if you're not hooked with wondering how all the different plots will converge into one. Of course, that's not to say that the writers may fuck up and just drop the ball. They may not tie loose ends up or they may give a character horrible powers, like a truth bell that rings when someone lies, that may lazily tie up plot holes, like how viewers will find out whether a bad guy is the father of another bad guy.

Hey, I guess I'm still angry about Heroes. Won't stop me from watching and bitching though. Plus, Lost is coming back soon so I say "Huzzah"! And for the record, my money is on Tony Almeida still being a good guy. He's just undercover. Is it wrong that I care more about Tony (who we haven't seen in ages) than I do about Peter Petrelli? I had so much hope for Peter, but Heroes hasn't recovered.

Jack Bauer has powers though. He can take on any of the Heroes gang single-handedly.

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