Thursday, January 08, 2009

Press Secretary

Dana Perino is hot. I'm actually watching her appearance on The Daily Show and she's wearing this red dress that is boasting some slight cleavage. She's probably the best thing about this administration, and I'm a little sad that she'll be leaving soon. Boo. I bet she's only in her 30's-- I would even say that she's only in her mid 30's, 41 at most. Dana Perino was President Bush's best decision. Maybe it was not Bush's decision because the press secretary position had a revolving door during President Bush's eight years, but at least it's ending on an attractive note. Well, at least with respect to the press secretary position.

Okay, to be fair, let me filter myself a little. I am being a little sexist. Secretary Perino seems to be on top of her game. Tonight Jon Stewart cornered her on some issues, but she didn't get flustered and fought back. Very professional. But she's still hot and I'm jealous that she's married.

Is she blonde?

Just a little note to myself, I should definitely see the following movies soon: Gran Torino, The Wrestler, and The Slumdog Millionaire. I can't wait until all the crappy movies in theaters start leaving. Thank God for NetFlix.

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