Sunday, January 18, 2009

BSG > LOST (Maybe)

Fuck 24.

Hehe, just kidding. It's just that I'm more excited for Battlestar Galactica's final episodes than for Jack Bauer's escapades. Plus, as big a crap of a show Heroes is, I will watch that over 24 once it returns for what's probably going to be a goofier volume. But I digress, Battlestar Galactica was so good this past Friday. It's premiere was so good.

I have to give the showrunners props for revealing the 12th cylon right away in these final episodes. They definitely avoided the show from devolving to being primarily about the 12th cylon. Sure, it is a big deal. It is. But, by revealing it early, the show won't let down any fans. This is a problem that Lost may have in its final season next year. All anyone wants to know is what the frak is up with the island.

Will the creators just save the reveal for the last episode? Or will they find away to make the show conclude even with an early reveal? Can it even be revealed?

So, Ron Moore definitely did a good job with the BSG this past night. What's even interesting is the fact that the show was filmed right before the WGA strike (writers strike) of 2007.

What made this eppy so good? Well, it was mainly about despair-- the lost of hope of the human race for the human race. The last members of humanity had just found Earth, which they all believed would be their salvation since their previous planets/colonies were destroyed. Now imagine coming to an nuclear devastated planet, instead. How would you react?

Would you blow your brains out if you felt hopeless? I actually give props to Lt. Dualla for this episode. Not because she died, but because I felt her character became more human to me. I could never relate to her before. She always seemed dull and emotionless, which was why I never got the pairing of her and Lee (I was a Billy fan). But in this episode you really felt her despair, when she cried on Earth when she saw the toys on the ground. You knew she felt lost, but you didn't realize it until she tried to have just an ounce of happiness right before she blew her brains out. God, I did not see that coming and for a few seconds I didn't understand what was happening on screen. Just seconds before that, I thought, "Oh, here we go again with this stupid Lee and Dee, crap", then I realized after her blood blasted on ther locker door why she tried to be happy again

To Dee, there was no hope left.

Such a good episode.

Now the reveal that the 12th cylon was Ellen Tigh. It didn't make sense to me at first, also. I didn't like her character much. I just thought she was on the show to enhance Col. Tigh's character, who is one of my favorites. But this realization that Ellen and Tigh were both Cylons all along and that they were together thousands of years ago is absolutely romantic and wreaks of destiny. Love and destiny and purpose. They were always together and will always be together.

Now I can't wait to see how the show developes this "cosmic love".

This post is too long already, but I just have to say that Starbuck's storyline is also another thing to look out for. I thought the show just forgot to explain how she survived the previous incident, or I thought that I was not paying attention. But this will definitely be interesting.

Battlestar Galactica > Lost. Almost.

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