Monday, May 18, 2009

Choose Love.

At the end of last Sunday's mass, the monsignor at my church made a semi-veiled statement about President Obama's commencement speech at Notre Dame University. He did not mention Barack's name, but he did say something about how the Catholic priest who made the Notre Dame school song is probably rolling in his grave.

That's fine to me-- the Catholic church is allowed to protest this visit from a pro-choice politician, and I do not blame them. The University of Notre Dame (I still can't figure out if it's university of OR ND Univeristy) is a Catholic institution and is a private one at that. Both the views of this president and the church are at conflict in the case of unborn babies/women's rights.

But I will say how I don't like it when politics creeps into my weekly mass. Sure, I should have been not paying attention as usual, but the monsignor snuck his message at the end of mass so it was a change in the format. If he mentioned it in passing during his sermon, then I would not be blogging this right now.

Unborn babies/women's rights are a very, very delicate issue that cannot be easily explained, much less solved, by just a single person. But I genuinely agree with both Barack and my monsignor in this case. Long story short, my priest talked about how "God is love" and Obama talked about opening a dialogue. What needs to happen is that both sides need to talk about it but in a less impassioned way so as not to alienate the other side. I'm not saying that both sides should compromise, not immediately at least, but to at least listen.

Yes, I'm biased becasue I go to church on Sundays, but that's it. That's exactly all I do, I go to church once a week. It does not make me anything more or less than a person who goes to church once a week.

But I believe both sides are lacking in love, so I choose love.

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