Monday, April 13, 2009

Midseason TV

Where's the snap judgments for The Unsusuals? Seems like the most original of the mid-season shows that's not yet canceled. I'm going to stick with it until it gets canned just to see Goldberg and Perrineau play off of each other.

I have yet to see Southland (DVR'd), but I'm hoping it's less ER with cops and more The Shield but with not-so-crooked cops.

Parks & Recreation is crap. I like Poehler but she plays basically a female Michael Scott (I know, it's been said before) and The Office has not been funny recently, so why should we expect copycat mockumentary to be any funny? Stick to 30 Rock and Scrubs and enough of this staring into the camera business.

Who am I kidding? Kings gets all but canceled because of poor ratings (can network TV just give shows a shot). I understand the ratings were bad but what do you expect from sticking a high-concept drama on at Sundays? Okay, maybe that time slot wasn't so bad, but at least leave it on that day to let it catch some steam. I'm still reeling from NBC's cancellation of The Black Donnelly's.

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