Friday, April 11, 2008

Catching Up: BSG season 3 episode 11

I think I hate Laura Roselin.  I sympathize with Baltar's situation.  Sure, he was a sucky president on New Caprica even before the Cylon occupation, but what was he to do when the Cylons approached him-- approached the entire human race?  In my eyes, he only had two options:  defy the Cylons and die on spot, all for what?  Or, he could have worked with the Cylons, which he did.  It kept him alive and possibly all the other humans.  Seriously, if he just defied the Cylons, sure the humans would have had more respect for him, but for what cause?  The Cylons would have just become the rulers or placed a different dummy president instead of Baltar.

Lose-lose situation.  I don't think Baltar should be blamed.

I have a similar argument for Jammer.  He was trying to work peacefully with the Cylons.  But I guess he did have a choice.  He didn't have to join the security force.  So maybe I don't feel too bad that he was sent out the airlock.

And to the situation of this particular episode.  Four base stars could have easily taken down Galactica.  No question.  I don't think Galactica should have had any say on the situation.  I guess the Cylons are just dumb machines after all.  ("Oh, wow.  Galactica's going to shoot all of its nuclear warheads?"  The Cylons should have the same number-- times four!)

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