Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Malubye bye (I'm sorry but I had to do it)

There were some bad song choices, but she has a strong voice.  But Castro and Kristy were also on similar paths.  Jason just phones in every goddam' performance with his goofy-ass guitar playing whispering style.  Bottom line is it's getting tired and your number shoulda been called tonight.  His corny performances were only corned-out by Kristy Lee Cook.  All I have to do is remind you guys of that rodeo-infused performance of 8 Days a Week.  All that performance needed was some clowns.

Here's to Ramiele Malubay.  My Tita says you'll be the bomb in the Philippines, but that's not the same as being on American Idol.  Plus, my aunt falls asleep watching AI so what does she know?

I'm sad to see Ramiele go.  I thought the "Pinoy People Power" would've kept her on for a little higher than 9th place.  At least now I can hate Castro a little longer.

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