Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Am I a Girl?

I just saw the return of new episodes of Gossip Girl. It was very "meh" in the beginning, but I really like how they're defiling (not defining) innocent Jenny. Don't get me wrong, I would never want someone so sweet to turn to the dark side, but this makes for good television. It's great to see Jenny and Blair go at it. Towards the end I actually thought Jenny and Nate were going to start developing a romantic relationship, but it turns out Jenny likes to use people. I wonder if Nate sees it that way. So big ups to the Jenny versus Blair wars.

When is Eric coming out of the closet?

I actually have an idea of who "G" is going to be, just because of my trolling through television blogs. This could definitely be interesting to see if "G" could bring the dark side out of "S". Wow, Gossip Girl is sort of like Star Wars where anyone can go over to any side. Let me see. Jenny is Anakin and Blair is or was her mentor, Obi Wan. Now they're against each other. Ooh, and the force can be considered sex appeal, which everyone uses to get what they want, except if you're on the light side. Then you just stay monogamous and nice and lovey dovey like "S" and Dan. Gross!

By the way, I think this show is making me gay.

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