Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No End In Sight

One of the biggest mistakes in this Iraq war (besides the obvious reason for it, planning, and execution) was the disbanding of the Iraqi military. I just finished watching No End In Sight, a documentary about the quagmire that is the Iraq war. I am not an expert and I definitely do not know everything about this subject, but from watching this film I can honestly say that we, the U.S., first of all, had no business being there. Unless of course you are talking about Oil.

Why do I think the disbanding of the Iraq military was a huge mistake? If you think about it, the film makes sense, the people in the Iraqi military have no other form of livelihood than being int he army. That's where they make there money. Getting rid of this just pissed them off and made them run to their hidden weapons cache. Not able to provide for their family, fueled fundamentalist ideology. There was already no order, look at all the looting and property damage. Just imagine the libraries and museums with priceless artifacts of, not just Iraqi history, but of human history.

Weirdest thing was that some Iraqi generals-- those who had command over their soldiers, thousands of them, offered to US officials their help to secure the country. God knows we needed their help. This was their country. They knew their people. They could communicate with them, and they understood what they wanted. But we pissed them off and instead of giving "democracy" took away their chance to participate in the rebuilding process.

We didn't even have a rebuilding plan.

Well, this is just a rant. I'll admit I was in support of the war at the very beginning. I guess you can say I was like Senator Clinton. I actually bought the whole nonsense of the Iraqi regime's link to 9/11. I remember arguing with my friend "what about the weapons of mass destruction! Saddam is going to use them!" I was just a pawn in the Bush Administration's war machine. I guess they wanted oil. His whole administration is just fucking up.

So what happens when Iran or North Korea goes nuts? Where will I be? Will I stick around for the draft? I am now fully anti-war. I can't live with making the mistake of backing a "preemptive" strike. The enemy has to literally be on our shores, or else I will always have some doubt. There needs to be diplomacy first.

End Rant.

And private security contractors are evil. Just watch the documentary.

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