Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Live Blog: American Idol

9:50 pm: Bullshit on Jason Castro being safe for another week. I can't believe how huge a fan base he has that he has survived this long. I don't think he can sing or perform even remotely well. I really, really don't like him. If you switch Kristy with that douche, then I think you have the correct safe foursome. We'll se in a couple of minutes.

9:53: Back from commercial break. Who is out?

9:54: WTF!? Syesha is safe?! If Kristy is out tonight, then that's a whole boat of irony. The first time that I actually enjoyed Kristy, that she might leave.

9:55: Damn. Irony. Kristy did great last night. When is Jason Castro going? Please. I think Kristy will do well in the country genre. Hey, she's pretty and can sort of hold a decent note. If she doesn't become mildly successful, then "oh, well".

9:58: Simon Cowell is so gay. How can he sit there and look weirded out when Kristy is singing to you. Just at least sit still and pretend to enjoy it. No weird eye rolling, please.

9:59: They cut her off. I'll give her props though-- she didn't fall apart tonight when singing out. I'm surprised to say this, but I'll miss Kristy. It seems like I'm liking all the people I hated on before. But I will never ever like Jason Castro.

10:02: I need to know how to actually "live blog".

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