Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's the Colors, Duke, the colors!

I'm going on record to say that Speed Racer is wack. How can the whole selling point of a movie (based on commercials and advertisements) be that no other movie has looked like or moved like it? Really? You're going to tell me I should watch this piece of crap because it's so sparkly and no other turd will shine as bright? The movie looks pretty-- I'll give you that. But the visiuals look hardly ground-breaking. I know the Wachowski brothers did some new photography technique, but it's not translating through my television. Maybe in the IMAX theaters I can see a possible difference, but I hardly doubt regular theaters can convey this supposed awesomeness. First of all, I feel like throwing up. You can't put all those colors on the screen and not expect us to get sick. It's a damn racing movie. Look at Pixar's Cars. Arguably the worst Pixar movie ever, and it was about cars. Coincidence? 300 was a great movie to experience through IMAX. It was very stylized, but Speed Racer force feeds us all this visual stimulation. 300 was highly stylized. The color pallet was highly varied. Beautiful. Maybe Speed Racer will prove me wrong, and I hope so. I hope the story elevates the visuals to kick my butt so hard.

Until then, my bets are on The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Indiana Jones.

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