Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Hand Says "Give Back".

I can't believe how corny David Cook's performance was tonight. I'm talking about how at the end of the song he shows his hand to the camera and on it he has the words "give back" written-- you know, in the spirit of American Idol Gives Back week. So corny, that I almost felt bad for him. I'm not particularly a fan of David Cook, and it's nice to see that he is human and can have bad performance. I guess his smug style got to him and his performance suffered. Really. He could have just let the writing on the hand thing go. However, I actually didn't hate his song choice. It finally took some guts to pick something out of the blue. I think in his mind, David thought he would hit one out of the park with this performance. He probably thought that the idol gives back theme, combined with what he thought was a good song, topped off with his corny hand would create this cataclysmic performance that would continue is dominance week after week.

Ironically, I'm gonna start toning down my David Cook haterating (not a spelling mistake). When someone does something embarrassing (and corny), you can only let him go and just be. David Cook is off my shit list.

But, the other David (Archuleta) is still on. I really, really, don't understand how he can just coast through and be so frackin' popular. He has had bad performances people! Why can't you see that?

Jason Castro is temporarily off my list this week since his Somewhere Over the Rainbow was not entirely horrible. God, I hate it when the performers I don't like week after week finally make a good song choice and perform it well. That's why Kristy Lee Cook is still in it. She's milking America's natural resource of flag-lovers and Evangelical Christians. Maybe those two groups are the same? And once again, I actually liked Kristy's performance. It was one of her best. (No, that American song she sang last week with the flag in the background wasn't hot. It just struck a chord with certain peeps.)

So Kristy gets a reprieve this week from my list. So then who is on my list if the top two shit-listers have a break this week? My apologies go to Syeisha and possibly Brooke. Can I put David Archuleta in my list, please America? Well, if Arch refuses to be in the bottom, then Syeisha and Brooke will have to do. Syeisha because she seems to have this I'm-a-diva attitude about her. It's as if no one likes her. She only got along with Ramiele. But she's on my list mostly because of her boring performances. She is a very good singer, mind you. But she always chooses the songs of phenomenal vocalists. I mean, who can do Whitney Houston justice? If you perform that and a Fantasia song, you have to be awesome.

Brooke White was my favorite once. I really, really liked her. I don't NOT like her. I just think she's getting boring and possibly annoying. She always seems to be nearly in tears with each of her performances. The thing is, most of her performances aren't really tear-jerkers. They've just gotten boring. She has an oldie voice. Sorry, Brooke. I know it's probably who you are, but I don't think you're cut out for this business.

If anything, please keep Michael Johns and Carly Smithson on American Idol, America. Sure, Carly might have had a rare off night. She has always been on point every week, but her performance really did come off as angry.

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