Friday, April 25, 2008

Extended Vacation

Actor Gary Coleman is getting a divorce. I'm not here to make fun of him. So he's short, big deal. Well, maybe big is not the correct term. I'm pretty sure he has a condition, so we'll leave it at that. Plus, who am I to make short jokes.

The thing I want to point out to you is the fact that he states that he has no friends. In fact, his wife says that that is one of the problems she has with him-- that he has no friends. How is this a reason you can bring up in divorce court? You married the dude, and now you realize he has no friends? I'm a little scared now for Coleman (no pun intended, though it's quite funny). How can you have no friends? Even if you change the definition of friend to a broad term meaning acquaintance, you should have at least one. I think I'm scared because I feel like this could easily be me. I know I at least have one friend. Check out my facebook page! (Note: Social Networking sites are not really a good indication of how many friends you have.) I know I have at least one friend, because he or she is the one I can hang out with with no strings attached. I can feel comfortable around him or her.

But I don't think I confide in my friends. Hell, I don't even confide much to my brothers. Don't get me wrong, we can do fun things together like when the family goes on vacation, or we can play video games. But we don't have deep conversations that talk about our personal lives. Why? I dunno. Maybe I was raised to repress emotion? No, that's bullshit. How can I be a coward and blame my upbringing. Bottom line is I keep to myself a lot. I can hang out and do this and that, but I'm not killing myself over the fact that I'm not going out this or that weekend. I can enjoy myself perfectly fine during those perceived droughts.

Maybe when I move out (or If?!) I will be forced to be more social or open. But I think I might actually just be more of a loner then.

Well, I just need to get my priorities straight right now, which is finishing up the teacher program, so I can get back into the classroom. And this time, when I get back to teaching, I hope against all hopes that I won't chicken out and quit. You're allowed to quit once, right? The second time, I'll just have to work on improving or figure out a way to distract from the stress. Maybe I'll just save up enough and put it all in a high yield savings so that I can retire early. Why am I thinking about retiring early?

My "passion" for the sciences will have to "temporarily" be put on hold. (Heh, and what exactly has it been doing the past two years? Hmm?)

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