Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where Have All The Asian Girls Gone? (Borderline Racist)

Let me preface this post with a little disclaimer. Yes, I will admit that my confidence and self-esteem fluctuate a lot, but I have to ask the world,

"What is up with all these Asian girls NOT dating Asian dudes?"

More specifically, it's always a the white guy who ends up with the Asian girl. Maybe this perceived problem is similar to how some black men wonder why all the black women don't date them.

Or maybe, I just answered my own question in the first line of this post? (Typical over-achieving Asian male, answering his own questions in a single karate chop.)

I know the typical answer would be that Asian guys tend to not be assertive enough. That they are too shy and do not make any moves, thus leaving the girl to any other guy. Yeah, I can see this. It's true in many cases and for any ethnicity. But come on, you're telling me that there are no Asian guys who are slightly assertive enough to get with their female counterparts? Really?

You know what, maybe we should just go for white girls. White girls have yellow fever too, don't they? Don't they?


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Anonymous Guru said...

I love your blog and you are so right. I have actually been studying this very topic for quite some time and keep ending with the same results. Asian girls, white guys, white girls, asian guys, blacks, whites blah blah.. the list goes on. One thing that I have discovered is overall and globally speaking, it is about the same percent wise with all races.
Here is the thing. Many white girls adore Asian men and think they are hunky, cute and sexy same as white guys feel about Asian Girls. Just less Asian guys go after what they want. If we really dig into the numbers we will see many mixed marriages with Asian men like Thai men married to Philippine, japan men married to Thai girls, Chinese girls married to Malaysian men etc... Just a little harder to pick them out in a group of people, like it is a Tall western man with a pretty Asian girl is.