Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh, Chelsie

Check out my new celebrity (?) crush: Chelsie Hightower. The judges on So You Think You Can Dance call her a firecracker on stage, and who would disagree? Chelsie really destroys the competition with her Latin ballroom skills. I can't stop watching her dances on youtube. Her partner Mark definitely deserves props, even though I'm jealous that he got to dance with her. So it's no surprise I was a little bummed she didn't make it one more week for the finale.

From a purely dancing point of view, I really enjoy her dancing. All the Latin stuff is great. Part of it might have something to do with her beautiful legs (I'm not even a leg guy!). The best thing outside of the way she shakes those hips of hers (oh em gee), is her playfulness off of the dancefloor. The clips of her rehearsals really make her seem like just a chill person. I'm actually surprised that I find her so attractive since she has this tomboyish nature to her. In fact, that's what probably adds to her fireyness.

There are fans of the show who may believe that Courtney deservedly advanced to the finals over Chelsie, but Chelsie had the edge in my book. Some may say Courtney got in because she's sexier, but at least to me, Chelsie is sexy. She just exudes sexiness on the dancefloor, and more importantly, she can switch it up when she gets off the stage. That's definitely very appealing because of the great contrast. It feels like you could just hang out with her, but then she could still do the whole girly thing (but not too girly).

Marry me, Chelsie!

Wow, another blonde? I might have to do away with the whole "I'm not attracted to blondes" thing. In the mean time, I'm going to learn the Argentine tango.

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