Saturday, August 23, 2008

Still Waiting

It's weird that the summer is coming to an end. It's even weirder that I'm still in school. This coming Fall will hopefully be my final semester in the masters in education program. But, I am actually hoping to start a second masters in biochemistry come next Spring. I figure, I might as well stack up in degrees, but I'm getting ahead of myself. The school's decision should arrive late September or October. So we'll see.

Right now though, my youngest brother just left for college the other day. I feel so old now! I'm a thousand percent positive that he'll fit in well and have the best years of his life in Binghamton. As for me, I am, of course, just a commuting grad student.

My Lolo is in the hospital, though. He's always had trouble breathing, but it's gotten bad since he recently returned from the Philippines. So when he finally got checked by the doctors after months of trying to tolerate his condition, the doctor decided that he should be left in the hospital for a while for some observations. I hope he does well and gets better because I'm sure it's hurting my Lola so bad right now. I'm not too down though. It's not like this just happened out of thin air, and I'm hopeful anyway.

So that's my life right now. A sort of purgatory in that I am technically out of college, but I'm still in school. Anyway, good luck to my bro and get better, Lolo.

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