Saturday, August 30, 2008


Let's just get one thing straight: Abrams knows how to get the right lead female on his shows. If Fringe isn't the next Lost, then at least it has Olivia Dunham, played by the Brit Anna Torv. (She's British-- her name isn't Brit.) There's this one scene in the pilot that Torv has to get a little nakey-nakey and she looks sexy-sexy. Whaddaya know, she's also a blonde. On a side note, I think we can officially stop calling my infatuations with blondes just a fad, and instead realize that I find blondes attractive.

Yeah, so Anna Torv is cute. She's not dream-about-her-every-night material yet. For one thing, she's a human being so eff me for objectifying blah blah blah. Just Watch Fringe for her if you don't like Sci-Fi.

Meat And Potatoes of Fringe

Now on to my impression of the the "leaked" pilot of the new science fiction show Fringe. It's produced by J.J. "Lost" Abrams. Fringe's pilot is not of the same caliber as Lost's phenomenol first episode. While Lost keeps you on the edge and wanting more straight through its two hour premiere, Fringe starts off with a similar bang (plane fetish?), but due to the incredulity of some of the "science" in the episode, Fringe starts to taper off in the middle acts.

Also, maybe there's not enough characters yet, like in Lost, but the few faces of Fringe lack chemistry. I think Joshua Jackson's character was supposed to be witty, but he came across as annoying. When everyone else was having their own serious conversation, in this pilot, Jackson would interrupt with a "witty" remark that everyone would ignore. I think the writers were trying to make it funny. I'm hoping that he isn't just relegated to comic relief.

But just think of how beautiful Anna Torv is and you'll be fine.

There's definitely potential for the future of Fringe if it doesn't get cancelled. They strictly deal with an unknown source doing fringe science experiments on the world itself which call the phenomenon "the pattern". Sounds freaky, so me likey. It's Dunham's job to find out who is doing this and how they're all connected. There's mythology that can be explored in this series. I hope there's alot more twists and turns and mystery, though. If they can introduce better dialogue that would be a plus.

Not Like Any Pie I Know

This time last year I was super-hyped for Pushing Daisies after seeing its pilot, though I'm not raving about Fringe after seeing its pilot, I'd say it's at least better than anything that's new on TV this Fall. But that's just saying how crappy all the other new shows are. I hate my grammar.

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