Thursday, August 07, 2008

Family Vacation

I just returned from my Myrtle Beach vacation--well, actually, my family and I came back two days ago, but who's keeping track?

I should have blogged during my time off to save my memories in the internet bottle, but I did not have adequate internet access. That, and I was lazy.

We stayed in the awesome beach house of my aunt and my first thought is how I wish I would be rich one day. Besides the warm sun that reminded me how great it was to be a teacher during the summer (too bad I'm not working anymore), the best thing about the vacation was spending time with extended family. My brothers and I were once pretty close to our cousins from West Virginia when we were younger, but after they went to boarding school and we all went through our awkward phases, we did not visit each other as much. It's not perfect now and I will always say that nothing ever is, but at least now, I have a better appreciation for family and friends. In fact, I would go so far as to say that we might be getting closer.

The way I see it, family and friends have things in common. Friends are people you can confide in and be yourself with no reservations. Finding these people is difficult and even harder to maintain relations with them. But for some reason, family is always there. The best thing though is family who can be friends. I'm hoping that this is the case not just for those cousins I was once close to, but for my cousins half way across the world, cousins just barely teens and cousins who have their own families now.

The more the merrier.

I know I haven't told any family about my little asukal blog here, but I would like to just say to them: Until the next time we share the sun together, I have your backs and you have mine and it's good to know that.


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