Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life, Prince, Nina Meyers

You Have Video Games In My TV Soup

I think there's a word for when two things you like to do that are usually separate meet with interesting results. The summer is basically done and it's time for classes to begin once again (When will this school thing end? When I say it does.), so I have spent my time just going online and watching the tv show Life on Hulu. I'm up to the seventh episode and there's a part where the detectives have to play video games for something. Lo' and behold, they end up playing Prince of Persia, and guess what I'm using to currently feed my addiction? Prince of Persia!

Pretty neat, huh? My life is so awesome.

The interesting thing is how they totally butcher or alter the game. Prince of Persia does not have levels per se, yet in the plot of the episode, the police have to get to level ten to unlock something. Also, just throw in the usual Hollywood tactic where whenever there's video games, some plays it like they're having a manual seizure. Nobody moves there body like that. This isn't Wii Sports.


Life is a decent show, so I might have to tune in this season. But people should definitely watch out for Fringe. It's pretty high on the buzz meter, and though I have downloaded the pilot, I have yet to find the right time to settle down and enjoy the show properly. I just may have to watch on premiere night 9-09-08.

The episode of Life I was talking about had particularly good looking women. So get ready to add more girls to the Asukal files. No, none of them blonde, but there is a red-head. There's this one chick, Sarah Shahi, who I suspect is of Persian descent. She's petite so that's definitely a plus, but she gives of a strong but sexy vibe. Yes, very sexist of me, but I'm just saying. Shahi is cute. She reminds me of Vanessa Marcil of Las Vegas fame, also from NBC. It's good that brunettes are being represented now in this Asukal post. It's a good change from the usual oh-my-god-I-think-I-have-a-blonde-proclivity posts.

Though I am still a huge, huge, Chelsie Hightower obsessed fan.

Oh, Chelsie. :)

I almost forgot! Sarah Clarke, yes Nina from 24, was in this episode. She's still hot. And interestingly enough, two things I like have intersected again: Sarah Clarke is sporting a blonde do. I don't know if she's really a blonde (I know she's hot), but does this count as another one in the I'm-a-blonde-guy-now-for-real column?

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